Brad takes on not one but 2 world champs!!!! If you guys didn't know, we are putting matts in ZOO Culture very soon.

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  • Anthony Joshua

  • this was fun to watch

  • Those are some big dudes, Brad is 6 foot 3 and weighs 275+ and he might not be the biggest dude in that room lol. Wouldn’t want to wrestle with those dudes, imagine not ever wrestling ( freestyle wrestling 🤼‍♀️ not fake WWE lol) and having to wrestle a world champion or national champion and the dude is 6 foot 4 and 300 pounds lol. Wouldn’t be too fun.

  • Did Judo for 3 years & can assure its a lot harder than these professionals make it look! Big props to Brad for giving it a go!

  • Brad has great cardio considering how big he is. Most big guys would gas out in 30 seconds.

  • I'd go up against Bradley in all combat sports

  • Fuck man this makes me miss wrestling I just graduated high school and I can’t wait to wrestle in college and practice jujitsu

  • Dope

  • bullyin

  • If he works out his weight distribution he will be dangerous. Too much forward pressure.

  • Good stuff Brad, inspirational for sure.

  • I fucking love the grappling and BJJ community, literally the most humble people on the planet. Once you've become accustomed to the idea of tapping, and understanding you can be rendered unconscious and there's absolutely nothing you can do, it's like a shortcut for getting rid of toxicity from your ego

  • great video. why i keep watching Bradley's videos. Dude is a determine beast at everything in life.

  • I'll wrestle you Brad, just give me a few months!

  • You know judo now! And hopefully you will never where anything again with a hood attached! Hahaha

  • Logan paul should wrestle you

  • Brad the dope man really put here with his shiitu ass camera can't see shit thank you brad

  • If Brad had a littleeeeeee bit of know how and experience, Brad would kick ass in Wrestling and or Judo because Brad is so strong.

  • Brad is the Spazzy white belt that just goes for it lol

  • Brad strength is awesome that's why he has these dudes by the ball's

  • this is how people get hurt. When a bodybuilder tries to aggressively muscle his way out of everything. It's ineffective.

  • Bradley is the most dangerous white belt to roll with; big, strong, frantic and minimal body awareness. Anybody who knows bjj knows this is an injury waiting to happen.

  • If brad really trained omg .

  • More of theses videos!!!💯

  • The fact that Bryce hall thought he could take brad is hilarious

  • The only one that can beat brad

  • That heart can only pump so much before lactic acid kills.

  • He’s so cute with his hat off 😍

  • 3:47 They went straight to the 69 pose XD

  • Ill wrestle you bro.

  • Poor Brad can't breathe and is soaking whilst these other guys haven't even broke a sweat lol

    • @Themenace Demon killer stfu Brad got destroyed

    • @Hyper yeah ik and he beats all of them so stfu

    • @Themenace Demon killer I’m talking about brad

    • @Hyper are u dumb look how many people he wrestled

    • He also doesn’t grapple and has twice the muscle mass as these guys (more muscle more stamina used)

  • This was fucking badass!!! More videos like this!!

  • Please keep doing these

  • Big body like chevy

  • Wow them steroids really did absolutely nothing 😆😆 dude was getting thrown around properly roid needles falling outta his back pocket everytime he gets tripped 💀


  • This was dope

  • Brad's a fucking beast

  • I want to see Bradley fight Gordon Ryan

  • Brad is so rite when I played football I wasn’t really into my freshman year and I was late for practice and they made hit all the big goons and I got hurt but I didn’t say anything but it turned a switch and I was killing it I really believe you need athletic ability but most important you have to have heart and use your brain

  • So he made brad look small 🙃

  • Brad should wrestle Houston Jones

  • So sweet each one of you guys are so full of respect

  • Your awesome brad!

  • Wrestle Big Boy SC

  • Go for take down duhhhhh wrestling. Single leg side control duhhh

  • I think logan and brad should have a mma fight

  • more like this buddddd

  • Sam has a physical of Hulk, personality of Borat

  • Champ wil be always Champ 👍he will put u down always 👍

  • Start doing BJJ Brad...Steve won't crank any darts in the gym if you can choke him out

  • Wtf is that on his head

  • this is the second video I see of him without a hat on ..what's going on ?

  • make more of these

  • Brad please drop your hips when you do a takedown. It takes more energy but those jiu jitsu junkies ain't ready for it apparently. Just watch a vid you'll see much more control and harder to be wrapped

  • I fuckin love this video man. Full respect to both u heavy weights. Nothing better than someone you can push it with

  • That judo guy is hillarious

  • You can tell youre getting better and they actually have to use all their technique because you weigh so much and youre so strong with that added skill now lol

  • logan paul vs bradley martyn grappling match seems sellable tbh

  • With enough training and his daily dose of PCP brad can get a black belt

  • Enjoyed watching this

  • Kinda dig how your bigger and it’s his truck that u brought him but it’s his pride n joy man

  • Houston jones

  • Corona virus!!!!! 😡😡

  • Sick gym :)

  • Bradley is so handsome I'm really jealous

  • My man brad throwing people around like a football lol

  • loved it bro keep it up


  • This is not wrestling. It’s jujitsu Brad.

  • For those who don’t train bjj or judo it’s incomprehensible

  • So dope seeing Brad in a BJJ gym 💪💪

  • Its so cool seeing Bradley going against evenly matches beasts! Dang we tiny these guys are crazy scary an talented

  • That Iranian dude is scary but nice lmao

  • For sure my favourite video I've watched on this channel I loved it!

  • Do a competition brad. You wont ;)

  • Where's the other BJJ video?

  • Bro stop wearing a cap

  • Brad you killed it bro,keep it up💯💪

  • First time I’ve commented on brads video but had too. This video is awesome gets me pumped to hit some weights and be a man even though my test is suppressed!!! Hahahaha

  • Being strong is good but a ton of muscle takes a ton of oxygen. They gas fast.

  • This is good content keep doing these

  • Brad wrestle me, I have zero experience Wrestle me, I challenge you @_reggie007_ Look me up

  • I took these jujitsu classes a few years ago for like 5 years straight then quit

  • 12:25 i thought he broke brad's arm

  • the iranian guy is way strong

  • Brad vs larry wheels

  • You should wrestle an Olympic wrestler that would be sickk

  • I thought that was Borat talking haha

  • for a second i thought the guy in the black shirt snapped brads neck at the beginning

  • fight Larry Wheels or Simeon Panda

  • Brads hair actually looks good here idk why he's so self conscious about the hat I mean im the same way with mine jus saying it looks decent

  • This is not STEVEWILLDOIT, FYI

  • Skill beats power 10/10

  • I didnt know bradley had hair

  • Brad really is functionally really strong. He jsut needs the technique and he will fck ppl up. Hes unusually supple for someone of his size therefore i think he can use his body to perform alot of techniques. no lack of mobility in the hips etc. Legs are really important

  • I had been wanting to get back into jiu jitsu for awhile but was nervous. But when I saw brad get out of his comfort zone and try this, it gave me the guts to start it back up and I’m glad I did! Appreciate you brad!

  • Definitely some of your better content! #Entertained

  • Yo brad whats with those chicken legs bruh u skipping leg days

  • why did brad delete his jiu jitsu vid?