Brad is training for one person and one person only!!!

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  • Brad bro just shave the head boss, no1 cares your balding its all in your head.

  • Look at Bradley's foot 3:57

  • Did brad get a hair transplant?

  • Pretty sure the guy passed out when you had him in the chokehold at the end there you can see his arm go limp you're a beast bro

  • I see why he wears the hat now


  • Brad has everything in life (Except hair)

  • Did he really click bait

  • Brad got new hair 😁

  • Love Pascal! Love to see more of him, and don't hurt him!

  • You look small

  • awesome content brad

  • Where is Steve from nelk

  • @1:02 😂😂😂

  • SteveWillDoIt sold me drugs

  • Why you dont do vids with the boys anymore? You and steve are fucking funny

  • try judo with a gi!!

  • 4:07 listen with eyes close

  • Fight eskimo

  • You should box @LoganPaul...your not down!!🥊

  • awesome

  • How is the guy in red shirt..?

  • uzfire.info/camera/video/d4jEgnSgtMukn6E

  • Bradley shave that head again Man you re way better with shaved head (no homo)

  • And if you camt help me Ill do this at Venice.Beach Ill shut.up now. Ill get a real life amd work hard. Thats all I want.

  • why aren’t you on nelk anymore

  • Have khabib teach you😂

  • Why does that guy look like triple H...?

  • He would be the best movie actor bruh fighting scenes would be crazy

  • Bradley you have hair stop wearing a hat.

  • Didn’t this guy sell drugs to my little brother?

  • Great story about the car accident, Brad. Totally worth putting in the video.

  • i curse your channel, u will never be able to grow it without Steve

  • Lol

  • So when are you wrestling Logan?! 😀

  • Bradley saying he doesn't wanna swear in front of kids, sells them drugs instead?!

  • Brad just want to throw Steve

  • F

  • Bradley how many likes on this comment for you to get a tattoo of Steve’s face

  • How has the F.B.I not busted him yet, he offered me black tar heroine when I clearly asked for meth. World’s worst drug dealer😔

  • Wait what? Since when did my drug dealer become a youtuber?

  • does he still like the nelk boys

  • Brad's a bully.

  • Only true brad Martin fans watch all his vids and don’t go to the gym. I been watching since before zoo opened

  • When is this logan wrestle happening?

  • Now you’re trained to go fight steve 😀

  • stop bullying!! :@

  • :)

  • Hey brad can jou hook me up with some of that new black tar jou got

  • Hairs Looking A lot Better Brad 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • brads hair is actually loving the riods haha

  • No one: Literally no one: Brad: Lets put Logan in the thumbnail to get views!

  • Is bradly training to get revenge on Steve

  • brad without hat said 🥚

  • Glad to see brads hair is growing back

  • No hat brad

  • Why brad look small

  • Ep 1 one of asking brad to fight the rock

  • Brad your almost at a million subscribers on the new page you have to fight Steve at a million wee haven’t forgotten

  • Brad your almost at a million subscribers on the new page you have to fight Steve at a million wee haven’t forgotten

  • Brad your almost at a million subscribers on the new page you have to fight Steve at a million wee haven’t forgotten

  • Brad you sir are looking good without the hat not even lying.💪

  • Did brad and the Nelk boys get into a dispute or something? The boys took Brads face off the Epstein shirt and the boys said Brad would sue them if they used his name. Also they never do videos together anymore.

  • Brads a damn beast, looking very Pablo aswell

  • bully

  • As someone who was legitimately bald by 25, Brad should wear his hat less. I'm a hatfish, he doesn't have to be.

  • these guys are so buff it make me uncomfortable! lmao

  • Bradley hasn't had sex in like 5 years i reckon. Lays at home with his I pad right hand a a box of tissues

  • Can you give an update about your hair bradley, i see it grew back

  • Why does Brad look like fred from scooby doo

  • Hey brad where the fuck is my black tar heroine, you said it would arrive 2 weeks ago 😡

  • Brad got that Julius Cesar cut

  • hes trainimg for El Chapo since he has a larger drug empire.

  • My shipment is a week late breadly

  • stop selling me drugs ive had enough i have no money now !! 😞

  • Yooooo what’s wrong with your hair Hahahaha

  • Sommer Ray must have beat Brad’s squat PR so hes making sure she can’t kick his ass too.

  • And you can’t lock you hands on bottoms for folk style

  • Dog if wanting to wrestle Logan his talking about folk style man that shit ain’t gunna work if you load up throw like that in folk you gunna get slammed on you back he gunna drop his hips and throw you

  • I fuckin love you brad 😂🤘🏽

  • Boys this account is almost at a million... I wanna see the stevewilldoit fight

  • Brad “I sell weed” Martyn 🤦‍♂️

  • Did he get a hair transplant. I remover him being bald on the top before now his hair doesn’t even look that bad.

  • Them hair injections worked .

  • Brad does nothing: “ooohhh!!! I almost had you!!”

    • All love

  • Bradley putting the Hair back in black tar heroin

  • Brad... it’s been 4 days since I ordered the cocaine from you. Get me the $hit

  • Bro you will wrestle folk style against Logan that was freestyle

  • Brad I could help because I have wrestled for 9 years

  • Brad got hair restoration surgery. Hopefully it lasts.

  • Whomever makes the titles for your vids, sucks and needs to learn english! Lol

  • Glad you’re not swearing in front of the kids you sell crack rocks to!

  • I like the cut g

  • First a drug dealer, now a bully? C'mon man, not cool.

  • sub to airrack

  • Bradley, the shipment from Cuba is in three days no time to fool around you gotta get these kids their dope

  • Bradley I was wondering how I buy drugs from you? Do you sell on the dark web and what website? Also I would like to purchase some fake weights. Last thing I keep getting very small painful erections during my workouts do you have any tips on preventing unwanted boners during a workout?

  • Fr shave the head you’ll look kevin form shameless

  • i always watch your videos but only just realized last night that you,dom and fousy were in tyler perrys madiea boo movies ! was great to watch

  • Great vlog as always take care bro.