Joylandi 22-Iyl, 2020
Brad Plans and scrambles to get his assistant a new truck for his birthday and surprises him in ZOO Culture!!

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  • out of all the cars steve has given away this made me so happy. good job brad

  • Im not crying, you're crying!!! Man This one hit me all in the. feels!! Congrats STEVE!!

  • Finally the Drug money does something good

  • That was really kind of you big dawg.

  • I was waiting for Bradley to say the “ It’s a prank bro! The cameras there there there and there! Dude calm down...”

  • Nice!

  • Always take care of the ppl around you. I always did, but everyone’s gone now (moved away and had a family or died). My point is appreciate good ppl, because they won’t always be there, like my situation. I seen so many ppl and family die it should be me, I live the way Steve WillDoIt does and I’m 43. Steve is a freak,if he keeps pounding hard liquor the way he does, he might not see 30 even.

  • You make the Steve &Nelk videos imo. Well,,you and Steve would be the best show. Screw the Nelk dorks!

  • Dream job is Steve’s. Make millions by ppl following me around recording. When I was 21 you tube would have flipped at my entourages lifestyle. We weren’t flying to Vegas and shit, but we crashed the craziest parties, met the coolest ppl and the finest women. Now I’m an old broke lower middle class nobody. Ballin days are over! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  • A beasty Mr.Beast lol!

  • A small mini truck? Are you kidding? Your personal assistant that you rely on more than anybody else and your cheap ass gets him a mini truck,? And you don't pay him enough that he can't afford a 1500 or 2500 by himself? Well congrats on showing how cheap you really are and oh take the photo and clout opportunity

  • That was legendary!

  • The only thing that gets me and I notice every other big you tuber does as well is that they get base model cars or trucks for their crew. SteveWillDoIt is like the only person I’ve seen that gets top of the line models when he gets someone a vehicle. Regardless though there’s no way to dislike or hate on someone doing something like this for their crew.

  • Bro Why I think it was for stevewlldoit

  • dude u going bald stop using steroids

  • human trafficking paid off steves a force lmaoooo

  • Who else thought it was Steve will do it

  • Dope shit meng.

  • I made the 1million Subscribers, that gift to his employee was really dope. Not to many people acknowledge hard working people. Let the journey begin and let me catch up on all videos. Good 👍shit

  • Must of sold alot of drugs to get that

  • Human trafficking paid off ? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • "Human trafficking paid off" stevewilldoit cracks me the hell up lol

  • Dammit why am I crying hyped on C40 right before my workout.

  • All the Drug Trafficking has paid off.

  • this is an old video

  • I wonder in the shirts are sold out het

  • Did big boy copy this guy?? Because big boy gave his assistant a basic truck , this one is nice tho.

  • who are the girls??

  • Steve said brads island but brad had a whole ass gym going when Steve actually went to islands who knows what uncut clips Steve had

  • 🔥🔥

  • wowww

  • Just warms your heart

  • 2nd Comment Pit Bull Torres trying to rip off your LOGO a little bit:>( not cool

  • Brad you made me cry with kindness:>) That's what Life's all about Good men change the World one man at a time:>) One Love = peace 2021 I am from the future.

  • All your drug dealing paid for this right lol jk stay blessed man happy holidays

  • Best video ive watched of yours so far!!! I like these sappy ones tho lol Giving back to the people that are around you and making them comfortable will be the best investments you ever make in your life, because the return is with love ....

  • So steve handles the drug business?

  • Fucken Steve all the human trafficking payed off 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Why a Toyota

  • Oh man I thought Bradley was high on his own drugs when he said so many good things about Steve will do it

  • What humble man, don't know if anyone agrees with me here, but a man who is not afraid to express himself is a real dude. That was great, love the video Bradley. Dam, made me tear up❤🙂

  • 0:49 of course brad would want to put that in there

  • Brad you are the man!!!

  • That’s awesome 😎 👏

  • #Respect

  • You're a good dude Brad. From seeing you taking your mom out to that epic zoo where most guys would've just taken their girl, to treating and loving SteveWillDoIt like your little brother. It really shows in your videos. I'd go as far as to say it almost makes up for the countless lives you've ruined with your black tar heroin business.

  • That’s awesome man!!

  • Big ups to you my guy. Great you can get somewhere and always remember your day ones

  • Just proves how many drugs he’s really slingin

  • amazing you won a follower jesus loves you

  • Dang. I've never seen this video til now. That merch goes hard, keep up the work Brad and thanks for the drugs

  • That was beautiful!! I'm all teared up

  • Frog in y throat Bro. Right on Brad for rewarding hard work.

  • This was heavy bro

  • Who’s the chick in white shirt 🥵

  • Look how nice this Bradley Martyn guy is! He took just 0.001% of that heroin money and bought a new car to his assistant! Wow I'm actually impressed! Bradley Martyn is a guy that stands on so many feet! Heroin money, human trafficking, taking out homeless people, he does it all!

  • Good stuff Brad

  • Good man Bradley

  • Gotta love steve will do it

  • Thats big love steve diserves it. With all the shit he does love this dude steve

  • Brad u r cool as Fuck bro started watching u recently have heard a lot of shit about u for years some good alot bad but this shows people the real brad u mussle bound freak. Love the vibes u put out bro keep it up u have a new follower in me. And thats big cause I'm a natural born leader big love from Yuba City california

  • Bro had me ballin’ then @stevewilldoit says they human trafficking shit fucking made me laugh 😂

  • Your a good brother brad 👍. P.s the package made it through Australian customs.

  • Brads a beauty. Idc if he sells drugs to kids anymore, can’t knock the hustle.

  • 50 seconds 🍑

  • I still think you’re a drug dealer Bradley Martin

  • Vicky from George’s channel and bubba town can’t compete with those other to girls

  • the opening of this video is the best part

  • I need a friend like Bradley an so many others that would do the same

  • What a bad ass, generational type of human, you are, Brad. Just one gnarly ass dude, my dude. Haha I’m sure you think the same about Steve, and that’s why you did that for him. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, man. Not gonna lie, I dream of being able to do things like this for people, myself, on the daily . Just badassery lvl. 9000.

  • Good guy brad

  • Awesome video!!!

  • black tare business must be booming!! im happy for you Brad

  • Happy birthday

  • I cried. These roids Bradley sold me really messin with my emotions.

  • What happen to small Asian dude used to record for brad

  • That was truly amazing of you

  • Hey Brad I love the vids you gave me the motivation to lose 45 kilos so keep doin what you're doin

  • Right.

  • Lesgo

  • dang steve's reaction to his truck was so much more raw and genuine reaction than anyone in the vlog squad getting $100,000 cars. love this dude he seems like he really deserves it!

  • You're big bro. Everyone already knows that. You look like a complete douchebag how you gotta flex in every photo lol you'd look better without flexing just sayin

  • Drugmoney

  • Anyone else think it was for Steve Will Do It? Anyways good job Brad! Never knew you had a heart this big

  • Why everybody is saying that brad actually sell drugs

  • Real awesome thing you did Bradley. you seem like an awesome person to be around with and have as a friend.

  • i thought he was talking about stevewilldoit thew whole time until I heard his voice on the phone LMAO

  • Brad actually spent his drug money on something but gym

  • I needed this video

  • "Your business "

  • Your a lad Brad, A Giant Beast of a Lad Yewwww from Australia 🍻

  • Lol the whole time I was thinking he was buying it for the other steve and I'm going why would he buy him a truck dude can get his own truck but damn ya that was awesome shit kind of choked me up once I realized it was for a very deserving individual, very cool bro!!


  • “Human trafficking paid off” 😂😂

  • Awesome!

  • Brads drug dealing money paid for this

  • I'm not crying you're crying!

  • Brad you still selling drugs

  • Shedded a tear headass boiii

  • Good shit Brad this why you do what you do so you can do things like this much love Brad keep taking care of your people 👊🏻