Steve will do it had it coming. We will have to see how far this war goes on with Steve will do it and Brad.

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  • Oof

  • He really cut the wire with it plugged in?

  • Bradley's got a sick azz truck..I'd love to chill w these guys sooooo bad no words to describe

  • Dude the charger was plug in how did you not get shock. Bradley you are wiser that this

  • Bradleys weakness is chalk dust

  • Steve is like the Joker. He’ll always have the last laugh 😆

  • “Somehow it always back fires on me” lmao it still did I’m sure Steve still got the last laugh 😂

  • fake it was staged again!!!

  • it'd be funny if brad forgot to unplug it n got himself done fucked up proper lol

  • Hahahahaha lad he gets you everytime

  • Bradley Crackhead Martyn

  • 0:00 - 5:56 LMFAO

  • Awww man 9 months late funny shit

  • If that was me n my boy id be over

  • Steve wins every time you can’t fuck with someone like him he too many steps ahead 😂😂

  • "ayo brad im taking your truck" no your not" drives off

  • Poor acting

  • Bradley Stop with the heroine enough is enough now!!🙁

  • It always fires back🤣🤣

  • Rent a bulldozer and crashes Tesla

  • Like like how you said every time he tries to get it back it backfires and once again it backfired 😂

  • Steve is a drunk making Brad look bad. AI's don't feel human emotion.

  • That backfired

  • Brat went from destroying a charger to getting carjacked😂😂

  • Bro lowkey u should’ve stuck it back in the car and taped the wire together 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bradley is the man. Brad and Steve are like Cheech and chong beavis and butthead

  • Got roids?

  • I like how even on brad's channel he's still the one getting bullied

  • Nice fake weights in your fake gun brad. We all know your epstiens dealer

  • Yeah. U can’t unplug the charger without the key..

  • Lol you just cannot win. Youre too stupid brad. You're a complete idiot compared to steve. Dont even try ahahah

  • Wait he really just cut a cable with live electricity with a metal knife

  • Cutting an electrical wire with metal knife. The roids have fucked up they're brain

  • 😆 🤣 😂

  • Brad, if you would quit selling steve heroin, this wouldn't keep happening.

  • Smacked his ass with chalk tho Lmaoo

  • Lmfao!! need to get more gangsta bro! Rent a cement truck and fill his car with cement. You’ve got to do something “OVER THE TOP” to regain your respect. He always outsmarts you. It’s like watching the coyote and the road runner cartoon...**MEEP MEEP**

  • brad didnt even have the patience to wait until he went to leave, he had to ruin the prank early...

  • They just leave cocaine out for anyone? That’s gyms awesome.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can someone tell me this isn't staged😂

  • Steve should have done a burnout

  • How is Steve always beating brad lmfao

  • "Fuckin with my money is like fucking my emotions smokey you know dis"

  • I know it’s all set up but it’s funny still

  • Backfires everytime brad stop🤣

  • I like how no one in the gym dose not give two craps

  • Get back fired

  • bhahahahaha

  • I would have just broke Steve’s Tesla windows

  • Brad still wants his drug money

  • If this is a "revenge" video why would you be dumb enough to show Steve getting the last laugh? Bravo Steve you CLEARLY own this drug dealer hahaha.

  • 1:41💀💀💀

  • Should’ve put gas in it

  • huge backfire xD

  • Lol

  • I see what Brad means “it always back fires”


  • He should’ve waited till he was about to leave

  • This video just made my day 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why did u front him all 15000$ worth of coke mr martin

  • Once again he wins the battle

  • Am I only dat heard him say that 🤔

  • You should have left the tip in and just did the work out let him find out

  • Steve is soft.

  • Shit Is so staged

  • They playin juice wrld in the back!!!

  • I love how you can hear steve laughing when he puts that stuff in brads eyes

  • You had it coming bro. That’s what crack dealers get

  • He took the charger out but the charger needs to be taken out the same way the car is opened... car key..

  • Sell me drugs

  • Steve got you so good bro don't even try again haha your car was worth more than 15k and he took it quicker than you cut his Tesla charger 😂😂

  • I watch your videos every single day

  • We all know the money he’s asking for is from heroin sales... like cmon brad enough is enough with the heroin and crack...

  • he owes money cause he hasn't paid him back on the amount of drugs he took from brad

  • Everything is fake and planned. Literally everything these guys do is fake and scripted.

  • You guys didn’t even unplug it you could have died 😂

  • Brad calm down Steve will get you your meth money soon enough

  • Lmao I pissed myself when he hit him with chalk

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣howd he get away this time maneeeee

  • Shoulda said it’s a wireless charger

  • Can’t fuck with Steve 😂

  • 1:30 hes talking about Epstein island 😢 r.I.p the innocent kids

  • The more I watch these the more I think it’s scripted maybe everyone already knows this and I’m dumb but idk

  • Steve never disappoints

  • That's just wrong of you Brad...smh

  • Lol at the ending

  • 4:35-4:40 nice acting ladies

  • PTSD

  • How did he get the tesla thing out without the key. The charger don’t pop out without being unlocked

  • holy shit does that ecoboost sound like garbage

  • So proud of steve, he is already bigger than brad

  • dam if your gonna be a savage you gotta think ahead

  • Poor bread

  • Brad’s a drug dealer with mafia-esque tendencies.... and I love it. He’s one step away from Stevie on Brian.

  • Dam threw the chalk in ur eyes, that's low

  • Damn brad you fucking green asf

  • I dont like Steve with the military haircut. He looks like a cabbage patch kid or something.

  • “... it kinda backfires not gonna lie...” well we saw that..😂 “...but this time i know he needs that thing charged in order to get home otherwise hed need to get an uber or some shit ...” STEVE PULLS UNO REVERSE CARD NOW BRAD NEEDS TO CALL AN UBER OR SOME SHIT

  • Idc how much a guy owes me 😂I’m not going to cut his shit and waste something perfectly fine