Brad secretly steals Steve will do its brand new 2021 corvette and hides it somewhere will he will not find it.

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  • 411 will eventually get bradley on his drug sales.

  • Guys why does brad treat Steve so bad

  • Brad showing his true colours or stevie

  • Buckle up first brad

  • car Sales assistant brad

  • If I was brad I would have legit just ripped them tires up done the fattest burnout

  • He should have crashed it

  • At 0.33 is that the young amazing guy who died of cancer ? an made up up up song ? Or is it not him.. rip

  • you should've said take it up with the liquor 😂

  • 2:32 Brad’s confession

  • What a dick, just take a pic with a fan don’t make a smart comment

  • 441🤣

  • Fake waits

  • Osamah bin brad

  • 6969 fkn steve😭💀💀💀

  • Brad needs to make a series about trying to get Steve to give him his 15k 😂😂😂😂

  • Typical drug dealer brad doing criminal shit again.

  • Don’t drive high brad

  • wow sells drugs to kids and steals cars😔 disappointed

  • did brad sole steve drugs he sed 411

  • Thanks for the drugs brad!!!! Your drugs are always the highest quality and you always have so much!

  • Bradly Martin sold me drugs

  • "four pipes out the back."

  • steve make hella money and brly even post

  • obviously he's not a very good heroin dealer if has to steal someone else's corvette

  • Bradley Martyn sold me drugs 2

  • I want a corvette

  • They start at $60,000 lmao he said $100,000 maybe 80 lol

  • 4:38 almost hit that ol lady lol

  • Fake

  • Brad is a monster these guys doing too much scripted shit for clout

  • Steve is a dickhead, but also a legend

  • Your videos are nothing without Steve and the Nelk Boys.

  • What are them circles on your shoulder

  • 4:40 he braked fast AF when he saw that granny last second

  • i just buy some heroin from brad

  • The herion was the influence

  • It was all the Coke Bradley did

  • I can't tell if they're serious about this 15k hahaha

  • Brad, you have too much patience for this dude. I am a teacher. Let me into your crew this summer and I will teach Steve how to act like an adult. The partying, public stupidity all fun to watch and ok at his age, totally fine and applaudable considering his profit from such behavior. The behavior of not wanting to pay a good friend back 15 K, totally unacceptable, needs to be addressed in the form of a restrictive punishment or outright punishment that Steve has no say in. Steve threatening to call the police on something he is in the wrong about is another indicator that a restrictive punishment is needed in order to steer him on the correct course of self-ownership, responsibility for his actions. The 22-24 yr olds are still children in many situations. These man/woman children still need guidance to become strong and independent adults in their future selves in the next 10 to 15 yrs.

    • Don't listen to, NitsuD, Brad! I am a Hurricane o Fun, been street performing with squirrels since the age of 10. Also, been strength lifting old school style, Bench and Biceps, still have the biceps, and I'll out curl (at my gym with long bar or preacher curls) Nitsud on video for the chance to be a Bro! Bro Status! I will shave my head if I lose and he can shave that 70's stash!

  • LOL Bradley got the guy n the gym his face 👁👄👁

  • Almost runs over a old lady at the end haha

  • Man U can’t fit inside man

  • bradley martyn lift fake weights 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 69 69

  • What a drug dealing piece of crap.

  • I’m callin 411 pain 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brad is wayyyyyy to yolked for that car

  • bro what are the circles on his arm

  • whack

  • Mate... That's grand theft auto on camera!!!!!!

  • 3:47 herion sweat - StEvE

  • He should of called the cops before he went after his sister

  • Do something about that ringworm, brad.

  • Corvettes have carbon fiber like all of them

  • Brad's totally not a kingpin

  • First time seeing steve mad

  • Brad" why did you" aggressively act towards STEVEWILLDOIT sister"🤔

  • You helping my motivation man my step dad is like 2 years off of being like you and I’m small so I wanna be bigger lol


  • you need a new camera dude bro. Why is he pointing the camera at you when you are showing us the car. Point at the car?????

  • At 1:45 I wanted to stick your ear under your hat like when I fix my dogs ear that’s flipped over

  • Great shirt Idea..Fuc% You STEVE

  • Geez man, drugs, steroids and cleareyes make this guy do strange things

  • Brad I need drugs

  • Lol dont mess with Brad when you fight🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • steve the gangster

  • Get that money he owes it far and square a deal is a deal!! Pay up Steve! You can buy these things but cannot pay back your debt!!

  • More FAKE videos please we looooove them.

  • 🤣🤣

  • Engine oil : 69 😂😂

  • They have the best brother relationship ever

  • This was funny af lol

  • Bro you dope asf, keep up the vids ✊🏻

  • Next time you steal one of steves cars do some skids bra .

  • Bro you took someone else’s car and didn’t even blurt the damn license plate. Wtf!!! You kind of piss me tf off!!’

  • Daddy Bradley needs to chill

  • I wonder if Steve ever ended paying brad back

  • All jk aside he needs to pay you next time I see him I'll get the money I was a third

  • That’s just to far smh what has he ever done to you

  • This guy sold my sister and me weed and told us if we said sum he was going beat the fuck out of us, we moved to Mexico I know he won’t survive if he comes here.

  • Brad what don’t you understand it’s the liquor you have to take up the money with not Steve the liquor calls the shots bud

  • Steve got butthurt

  • Thats a nice car ouuf

  • “Drive somewhere non-discrete” 😂. You mean like really public

  • Brad ,,take Steve's car to pawn shop

  • Why do you stage shit, most of your shits fake.

  • Brads addicted to cupping

  • Smart way to do advertising for corvette

  • Brad is the nicest drug lord ever 😅

  • What a boring video. The car is the only interesting thing in the video. If the car wasn't so sexy the whole video would be a flop. BORING 😴

  • Are they still friends?

  • Fake weights

  • He’s almost at a million!

  • Anyone know what the circles are on his arm? Not tryna be a dick, I’m just curious

  • Why are you vids so fake

  • This was a horrible video

  • Does anybody know what the round mark is on brads shoulder? Just curious

  • Why did they have to get rid of keys 😕 you can just steal cars with laptops now and the keys cost 300 to replace 😬

  • I swear one day every car will be exactly the same with a different company logos