Tik Tokers VS UZfirers Social Gloves Boxing Event hosted by Austin Mcbroom, fighting for the undercard of the Bryce Hall/Austin Mcbroom Boxing Event. Find out who gets knocked out and takes the undercard title.

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  • fousey not smiling and just talking bout bloodshed cracks me up i love it

  • that such bullshit nick would’ve won but all ryan did was hold his head and punch him lmao

  • Steave will do it should box

  • This was cringe...close to porn mate all the oh Yeahs and get hims..god this worlds going bad looks like a primary school fight

  • 2:45 Chris Jericho?

  • Like every other fight was two rounds and then after Austin’s brother in law was getting his ass kicked in the final, Austin says third round, than Nick Ireland gets the shit kicked out of him in the third. Plus, most of the punches in the third were illegal.

  • Much love from Dublin Ireland. Steve brad n Jesse kyle and all the senders respect keeper sent boys sending all day

  • Ryan fights like a kid with daddy’s money

  • 4:46 that duck was seriously underrated

  • 😬 I hope these guys actually got into training by coaches who live, love and adore boxing. Otherwise, it’s going to be pretty cringe come fight night.

  • This reminds me of when me and like 4 of my friends did this in a garage

  • bro that dude actually said boxing cardio is way different than jiu jitsu. my guy quit making fake ass excuses you are not some jiu jitsu practitioner or some grappling guru you got tired because your out of shape and nervous had you been calm like you were in practice at jiu jitsu since you claim you have taken some classes first thing you would learn fro jiu jitsu is when you enter a tournament your anxiety an nerves decrease your stamina thats why you were gassed the second round it was a lack of competition training and nothing else just because you dropped in some gracie baja dojo doesnt make you in jiu hitsu shape had you been a actual regular student theres no way in hell you would gas in a 3 min boxing round. boxing is easier to last 3 min than grapping is everybody who trains them both will tell you the same thing. lets cut the bs ecuses and tell it like it is you got tired because you gassed out from lack of training and that guy punching you in the nose probably didnt help either take the L and learn from it

  • There all trash at fighting

  • Looks kinda like full send merch WTF bradley🤦🏼‍♂️

  • This is worst then watching bathroom fights in middle school

  • Like no technique at all the way they're throwing punches I would've slept one of them I'm just saying because I've been in this fighting sport for four years

  • Bruh they all street fighting not even boxing except for wasabi it was ok

  • how come your website never brings back favorites

  • Ryan shouldn’t have won any of those fights , how are you going to hold there head down and then hit them.

  • yoo i know that coach training the guy in gold works in oxnard

    • he’s the ref for a bit too

  • Bradley pls try punching a punching machine

  • King cid definition won

  • Idk wtf nick Ireland thought he could box

  • Nick Ireland definitely won

  • Remember kids, always keep your hands up. When you throw a punch put your hand right back into blocking position

  • BRADLEY MARTYN VS TYSON FURY .... bradley martyn wins anyday

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  • Ur clothes are bad tho frfr

  • Ima still watch ur shit tho and give u sum add play😂😂😂😂💯💯fr tho

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Maverick clothing is shitting all over your shit !!!! Ur shit is💩 !!!go maverick… Team Maverick!!!! Brad go box Logan if you got a problem with it!!!!!

  • This is what happens when you let keyboard warriors meet inside a ring 😂😭

  • ryan was so shit how did he win

  • Alex wassabi can't fight at all

  • Jorge has a masterful beard

  • Stormedy won that fucking Alex

  • all of them disgrace the sport fake cringe fighters i’d smack all of them

  • Bradly is just a fucken boss no one trying to mess with him lol

  • bradley Martyn vs ZIAS !!!! this the fight to make

  • Nice

  • Anyone else see nick ireland from ibp in the back

  • Nick won that so easy like he should’ve had -20 points because of all those holds on the back on his head so bs

  • Is it just me or I want to see Bradley and Logan Paul fight

  • Somebody knock out fouseytube please! He dont know the first thing about boxing. Hes a fucking groupie always in the mix

  • ryan is good just he to floppy and not flowy and nigga got a glass head

  • They all so flat footed😂

  • Psshhh.

  • Bro wit the tattoos I’m puttin my money on him cause he could Seriously Hurt some one if he wasn’t holdin back on da guys and if u can’t see dat u Tweakin jit🤟🏾🤘🏾💯💯

  • So scrappy

  • Brad.... take those things out of your ears fatty, 50 year old man out here.

  • Bradly Martyn would destroy all of them

  • Bro Alex wassabi doesn’t have a single drop of athleticism in his whole body lol poor thing

  • Why is Ryan out here dressed like Nacho Libre?

  • Nick shouldve won against Ryan

  • When is stromedy and Bryce going to fight they said they were going to fight

  • Brad looks like a kid in a candy shop from across the ring 🤣

  • Since when is throwing wild and crazy punches with no form boxing 😂

  • Nick won

  • This made me respect pro fighters so much more

  • Bruhh they don't know how to box. It's hilarious🤣🤣. Although It looks like they had some training they must have completely forgot the training. But at least they have the balls to get in the ring and fight💯

  • Brad seems like such a good guy!!!! Wish he posted more with Nelk and STEAVE

  • wtf is this click bait bradley didnt even fight once

  • Why was there even a third round for the last fight, nick dominated the first two rounds and he never got KO’d, Nick deserves the dub no question

  • They have no technical ability what so ever, Alex had 2% ability bro, how the hell his name was in the mix to fight on the KSI cards are a joke haha

  • “I gotta lie I’m really impressed”

  • Nick won fs they only supposed to do 2 rounds not 3 and Nick with hard in 2nf round bc he thought it was the last round so he was tired at 3rd round

  • 2 fights in and seen street fights cleaner then these brawls 🤣

  • Be funny see like ksi show up and box some of them

  • Lmao the dude that won had me of the worst forms and was throwing his arms all over and grabbing like crazy.

  • Nick won go get ur 200

  • Pro S on drugs while you were filming this

  • Bradley responded to my dm. Honestly for a big ass guy rich af, he’s so down to Earth. One of my favourite content creators for sure.

  • I wanna see Danny Duncan and Bryce hall fight

  • As a boxer this is hard to watch 😂

  • Brads only there to get his last knockings of black tar.

  • Ryan Johnson was by far the best boxer in this thing, should not even be an argument about this.

  • You didn't even give Beau his $200 for losing the bet

  • Niko Baby Face must've been dying watching all these kids try and box that dude was signed to golden boy

  • barely any of these kids know how to fight 💀alex wasabi was decent

  • Ireland boys can’t fight😂

  • Good Fight 👍

  • what the fuck, what kind of weight class LOL

  • Bro this is embarrassing as fuck hshahaha not a single one of them can fight🤣 I’d slap the fuck out of everyone of them on the same day 1 by 1!

  • that guy w the beard getting paid for comic relief

  • No weight classes? Also, are there any English subtitles to go with this video?

  • this is just cringey to watch.

  • How do I join ?

  • Yo, Alex is actually really good and not going to lie, i’m a little surprised by his performance. Just shows how hard he’s been working and props to everyone in their because it takes some heart to get into the ring 😂💯

  • Boxing is simple when your opponent doesn’t hold up a guard.... just jab that man into a broken nose

  • Alex Wassabi not bad at all

  • Nice video keep it up make more sense

  • Tbh I thought Stromedy had improved since his fight with Bryce but... he didn’t listen to people around him yelling to uppercut. BESIDES THAT Alex definitely fought the best.

  • If nick didn’t get gassed out I feel like he could of won

  • Was that Ricky irleand from Ireland boys

  • No way in hell stromedy beat Bryce 😂😂

  • S/O Temecula we out here!!

  • bro I’d love to make a bag for boxing people who don’t know how to box 😓

  • Everybody that fought on this could beat ben askren up. Still can't believe people believed ben was gonna beat up jake. 😂

  • Real Men don’t wear ear rings

  • 16:50 looks a bit sus falls a second after getting hit