Linked up with the Nelk boys \u0026 Steve will do it / druski2funny \u0026 the minorities in Idaho, almost got shot at, destroyed my ankle, back to zoo culture.

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  • Idaho also has the standard your ground law as well

  • Nampa is 15 minutes from boise my brotha not an hour wish I would of known yall was out here

  • where is brads gf bro this guy deserves one

  • they trying to recover injecting brads boostworkout (DRUGS)

  • Brad saved my life with drugs lmfao no kizzyyy

  • Amazing Dolan!

  • “Not the place you’d think there’d be a hot springs, like in the middle of the snow.” Me, a Montanan: 😑

  • Next time you come to Boise let me know I would love to host you guys whatever’s broksi everyone

  • Nice fake weights brad

  • Banana bags 👀🤣

  • Guns Bradley you will have to stop playing games Be safe

  • Wish i had friends like you.

  • Bro you gotta stop showing fake weights and chains it’s not funny anymore

  • as someone who lives in boise i can agree that nampa is a shit hole😂

  • Damn dude isn’t that crazy 😎 the minorities in the same environment as NELK 🔥🔥 No girl was left standing 😂

  • These videos are helping motivate me to lose weight and eat good every single day and the main channel mostly. I weigh 330 right now was at 340 a week ago and im going strong every day and these videos help a lot so thanks. Hoping to have a crazy ass before and after pic. Love you Bradley man.

  • Bro you got a nice voice you got too make a rap song I think it would be dope and maybe Steve would be down and Your other friends and get your editor to produce it would get you hella views and you would prolly end up saving money and making it lmao I love the vids and I’m also a body builder if you can comment back and let me know if you like the idea

  • Bro you got a nice voice you got too make a rap song I think it would be dope and maybe Steve would be down and Your other friends and get your editor to produce it would get you hella views and you would prolly end up saving money and making it lmao I love the vids and I’m also a body builder if you can comment back and let me know if you like the idea

  • Please Bradley make more content with Stevewilldoit! Your probably the only true friend that cares about Steve and his health. im a big fan when you both guys make videos together! Nelk boys could care less about Steve

  • Brad is good looking dude

  • Is it a bird Is it a plane NO it's the NELK BOYS

  • Bro What Is With The Black Blonde Girl 🤣🤣🤣

  • No I put it back on Makes sense 😭😂😂

  • Yo brad thanks for the drugs u sent me 😵‍💫

  • Would be cool if salim stopped trying to act more black and just fucking be himself Literally the first time you legit tried to act black in ur life, we don’t need to see that fake shit.

  • Dana white is Steve's dad🕵

  • 6:15 when you see it

  • you are so underated

  • mad respect for sticking to your guns with the gym

  • Brad why did you chain my brother up and brand the word "Come to Brad for cocaine" on his back

  • It’s ok to say no to Bradley Martyn’s drugs

  • "i think open carry is dope" "yeah they were gonna kill us"

  • Still find it so crazy I used to watch Kyle Jesse and Lucas way before they even came to the states and I was watching your old workout videos before you had the gym open with just bam your lil pit and all these years later y’all colab small ass world 🌎

  • And every word is true.

  • If you people dont wanna live in hell forever and heaven instead give me a text and Ill go right when I get paid.

  • I cant just leave and hope.

  • I've been to that same hot spring lol

  • So whose that freshman from Boise state I wanna know 🤭

  • they're, there, and their really be fucking up the editor lmao

  • That hoodie tho it’s clean

  • Why does Salim try to act black even though he is black but it doesn't come off fluently

  • fuckig good video

  • Brad goes to the shooting range wit Steve up next plz

  • Is brad really acting like Napa Idaho is Compton? Napa is not a scary place.......

  • in the thumbnail steve looks like the banjo player from deliverance

  • Brad, puts all his eggs into his muscle basket....visits a state other than Cali....They have guns?

  • Don’t fuck with us in Idaho foreal though 😂 people are low key crazy here

  • Shit don’t come to waco texas then lmao

  • Bradley Martyn sold me drugs

  • Salim 😂

  • The vids in Idaho low key different next time you should slide by twin falls area would be so lit!


  • What was up with all the iv stands and iv bags? Am I the only one who noticed that? Lol

  • just take his darts every time you see em


  • Carnage wassup brotha😳🥴😂

  • Who’s Druski??

  • Lol i live in nampa idaho wtf why you didn't pull up😞

  • Make another trip to Boise!

  • When I saw Jay in the video I instantly started laughing dkm

  • Nelk, the minorities and brad jesus this like the avengers

  • Zeb and jay holy

  • Brad more outta breath than an Ethiopian after a 200m swim relay

  • Open carry is mad dumb I’d never live somewhere like that

  • They bringing the Bradley and OnlyFans back😂😂😂

  • Nampa bowl 😂😂

  • 7:23 That handshake is sus

  • Glad to see your side of the videos.

  • Was that Wasabi Productions in the beginning of the video?

  • Man I wasn't sure how to feel about Salim at first but that man brings mad energy to the videos

  • On your video “I got knocked out by Steve will do it” you said if u got to a million you would get him back. Since you got a million are u gonna get him back? Or be a puss and let Steve prank you again and again😂

  • No one likes u brad , u do drugs

  • Ayo brad you said when you hit a million Steve better watch out what are you gunna do?

  • You guys know Bradley is actually on roids

  • I live in idaho and all there is are small towns😅😅

  • Bruh salami is cracked out

  • minorities bruh! they're next up

  • TIME TO GET BACK AT STEVE!! You better do something nuts lol

  • congrats on the 1 MILL brother

  • wait what, some people think it's a joke when we say Brad sells drugs to kids?

  • Who was that girl in the end, she looks so familiar

  • BRO, was that Tom Segura in the opening??

  • It must suck living in a communist state like California. I guess that's why everyone is moving here to Dallas and Houston where we're free to do whatever we want for the most part🤘🏻

  • I may be out of the loop since I am new to these videos but WTF is up with the IV bags in the hotel room?

  • Bruh I live in nampa 2 minutes from the bowling alley and he’s trippin yeah well shoot the shit out of you iffu act dumb but A nampa is 15 minutes from Boise and our bowling alley is a lil bigger than 4 lanes bud

  • brad sold me drugs

  • HOLY FUCK THE MINORITIES!!!!!!! please collab please🔥🔥💯💯💯

  • Stupid people don't understand how to reset the pins and fix the score -_- smh

  • Quit smoking?? Steve wont do it 😄

  • The minorities and Bradley martin WTFFF

  • Drugs, fake weights and guns. Come on Brad do better

  • These guys know how to turn up at a sausagefest

  • burgdorf hotsprings??

  • I’m from Nampa lmaooo

  • What were the IVs you guys were doing in the room?

  • Good video

  • open carry baby!!! bradley conservative? dam i like this guy even more now

  • That 19 year old was my 7th grade English teachers son

  • Yo I got hella family in Nampa

  • Wtf are the minorites doing there