Went to UFC 259 with Steve and ended up fighting him there but this is how the weekend started..I was supposed to bet on the fights but lost it all before in the casino..guys don’t gamble. It’s dangerous.

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  • I love you man thank you for helping me through tough times and making me wake up in the morning. You got me into working out and it has helped me so much in life. Not just in physical strength but also in my mental health is better ever since I have been working out.

    • Keep the grind going boss this is what we like to hear 💪🏽

    • Mr. Martin has the best drugs for a UZfirer ...😜🤫😂

    • Brad you also helped my mental health too. That weed you sold me is really helping! Thanks!

    • Lol just dont chill with him in person🤣

    • Just dont meet him in person lol.🙏

  • dude if your going to bet 10k might as well russian roulette lol

  • You lost because you did not smoke 😂😂😂

  • you need to smoke malboro red to win

  • Why do they always go back to baccarat if they never win

  • "That's all my money" That's what we like to hear

  • When you live in Ontario canada and youre watching old Bradley Martyn videos so you dont kill yourself from depression

  • One tip Brad! when at a table NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT LOSING OR HOW MUCH MONEY YOU LOST/WON !! NEVER! Gamblers superstition!

  • That lady was flirting. With Steve lolol he had no idea

  • That fan was weird as hell

  • Brad is the worst drug dealer he sells to 7 years old cow shit and coke

  • The camera man his suck he moving it so fast he gave me a headache 🤕

  • I won 600 dollars first time.playing in the slot machines ,that shits addictive ,and than half an hour later I lost 250 and I'm like fuck this shit I'm out , I left right away

  • Your video is better with Steve in it

  • You can max out your bet if you all bet 15k. You’ll can bet 30k. Just give your friend the moneu

  • Losers of society

  • I'm just shocked you don't have a wife beater on brad! Lol. Jk id love to be there with ya

  • Was that jabba or jason the hut?

  • Wish I could spend 50k and not worry about it

  • So how does signing a piece of paper stop money laundering?

  • Lmfao everyone knows when there’s a streak for banker you bet banker until it breaks. And if there’s a player streak u keep hitting player until it breaks. Easiest rule of the game.

  • I would absolutely shit myself if Brad wanted to take it outside 😂

  • Lol bitch was picking at steve 😅🤣 Steve's a high roller lol go back to penny slots lady 😅🤣

  • Wheres your American Spirits🎯 Brad ??

  • Steve’s hurt 😂

  • Bro you got a nice voice you got too make a rap song I think it would be dope and maybe Steve would be down and Your other friends and get your editor to produce it would get you hella views and you would prolly end up saving money and making it lmao I love the vids and I’m also a body builder if you can comment back and let me know if you like the idea

  • Please Bradley make more content with Stevewilldoit! Your probably the only true friend that cares about Steve and his health. im a big fan when you both guys make videos together! Nelk boys could care less about Steve

  • Bradley had some blunts before this 👀

  • Casinos should called "thanks for leaving your hard earned money here stores".

  • 7:15 brad bruh🤣

  • 100 or 10lk the thrill is the same :D

  • Brad is drunk lol

  • Playing baccarat nice

  • Hey guys can y'all pay my car off, I mean y'all blowing money. Lmao fuck it all y'all can say is yes or no. Mad respect for y'all's grind tho

  • What happened to the watch out Steve warning at a million brad dint eat your words homie

  • Yeah Brad don't give up that information bro 💪💪!!

  • this vid made 100k so its all good.

  • I love to see love how Brad spents its drugs money. After this video he laundered hes other wins. I only think he ill be and Stay a bad influence on Steve and hes family. He try to do stuff with its little sister. Hes girlfriend. Even brought shitloads of drugs with him in hes mothers house while high asf on PCP. So i think we can forgive him. People make mistakes but we shouldnt forget it.

  • Drug dealing sob

  • When Steve tased you 11 months ago you said that when you hit 1 mill you where going to do something big and he should watch out

  • Lost them black tar funds

  • Grown back the luscious beard yo

  • Each gram of coke Bradley sold came with a free pack of cigs. Safe to say he got rid of them in a day.

  • Jesus Brad, you are gambling with money you are selling drugs to poor kids, my sister is smoking asphalt cause of you

  • Now that you've hit 1 million are you still going to get Steve will do it back for tazing you in the back of the neck to knock you out?

  • Million subs wheres the Steve payback ???

  • How are they able to film on a casino

  • Steve literally never wins

  • He can just make it back by selling booger sugar or making Steve smoke darts for videos. no biggie.

  • Get Steve A vape to stop him from using cigarettes


  • Only reason you’re famous is cuz Steve

  • How come Bradley never wears jeans ? Has anyone else noticed?

  • Anyone notice that guy in the back pack at the end ?

  • Bradley u said once u hit 1 million u have some shit comin for Steve. What is it?

  • Brad don’t worry you will make it back from the drug dealing but at the same time you really need to stop man it’s disgusting

  • seen you guys at the mandalay bay couple weeks ago you guys looked pissed off so i didnt approach you now i know why lol...loosing money sucks

  • We need a plan to get Steve off cigs

  • You hit 1m... be careful Steve

  • Dang that was fucked

  • Can you fr fight somebody lol

  • can i get free full send pre workout . / . please

  • please .

  • give me money

  • Steve uploaded this shit ages ago


  • You need you a better gambling buddy’ you know Steve will make you go all in if you ask.. lol

  • Bradley’s gotten smaller

  • Dude I’m a travel nurse, worked all over this country during the pandemic. It’s cool that you guys can burn that kind of cash. My goal is to start a small community outreach farm, here in Florida. I worked my ass off and I’m still short 20k, would be awesome if you guys could help get me started. Would be great content! Keep killing it bro’s!

  • Steve!!! When the fuck are you going to bring me on the team?!!!

  • "Let's go outside" my boys waiting wit the glizzy🔫

  • Nice video bradley

  • 50k isn't anything to drug lord brad

  • Bradley sold me drugs

  • was that lucas at the start?

  • Why Brad acting so happy after he lost 20k this cheap fuck wouldn’t let me play Warzone with him unless I sent him money what a sellout

  • Its was a joke sad you can't laugh at it? hmm sad B....

  • Boys brad finally hit 1 mill I wonder what’s gonna happen

  • jesse literaly isnt a nelk member anymore since hes not on camera.

  • Shes was mad lowkey cause they skipped the line probably .aaAhhh

  • Steve hit her with the “do you know anyone here” knowing he knows Dana fucking White 😂

    • Lmfaooo hes like 😕😕😕😕 wtf

    • 😭💀💀 “we inna 10K suite she inna $100 room”

  • 👍

  • Cheek out my channel

  • Why isn’t Brad coaching Jason Erne

  • Brad ship my shit already I'm tired of waiting

  • Karen’s are more dangerous than freakin corona virus!!🥵

  • Everyone Jesus is coming soon repeant from your sins and pray everyday Jesus loves you all Jesus heals god bless all you and your family amen

  • Bradley can I hit the gym twice a day? I’m trying to gains muscle and loose weight (get a 6 pack) any advice?

  • 50k???

  • That lady asking for credentials just wanted some D boyzzzz

  • Dont worry guys Bradley can get his money back selling his drugs

  • Remember when brad said “ when I get 1 million subs “ he will get Steve back for tasing him💀

  • 2:11


  • Why anybody watch this shit when you see it on Steve’s channel 1st?

  • Brad checked that guy so fast, he was about to vitaly him

  • Why does red rock have some ragged old ladies dealing 15k$ hands in a high roller room? You’d think they would hire more attractive females for their rich clientele

  • Why does Jason Ernie enterprises wear the same fuckn shit in every video


  • Your channel is not even your channel, you just use other people to get views. I dare you next video. Use ur name only