I FOUGHT BRYCE HALL...Ft. Mike Majlak, Lana Rhoades, Steve will do it, Nelk Boys, Blake Gray

It is what it is....
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  • Love how he smiled and hugged him to hide the tears

  • Love 38 year olds fightin 🤟🏼so fuckin sick Brad.

  • Can’t box,can’t wrestle, but he’s a tough guy lol

  • Bryce Hall gets beat up everywhere 🤣

  • Hall has so much pride in him that he was choked. Lol

  • Bryce hall can’t fight, wrestle, box…he can’t don anything but talk shit and get beat.

  • I thought he was won all of his street fight

  • Brad disposition is terrible. Don’t get me wrong Bryce is a piece of shit as well lol but Brad holds himself as a complete dickhead lol

  • Bryce hall not a real wrestler you can tell dude never wrestle in a wrestling team

  • Bradly Martyn vs Vitaly ?

  • These youtube youngsters are gonna get into some serious trouble one day.

  • Steve’s whistling 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Was brad actually mad at mike when he pushed him

  • Austin slap Bryce hall to make him sleep

  • Well deserved atleast he did it to the two people that really cringe me

  • So no one is going to talk about lana Rhoades

  • Wtf was that double leg attempt?

  • Bryce is a clown

  • Haha finally that TIK TOK KID is DOWN he is weak as hell and I think he is going to get his ass beaten up by Austin.

  • Fuckin bully, do that to Derrick Lewis he is your size.

  • This foo was just trying not to cry 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • It would of toke half the men in that gym to get brad off him

  • Yo Brad that tren you sold me was bunk and now you keep ignoring my DMs?

  • Man that was good to watch

  • I just search: Bryce’s ass being kicked and I saw this video

  • Bryce was crying, what a baby

  • Bradley needs to control his anger for such a big guy he lost himself, relax buddy unless this was all acting, great acting !!

  • Bradley's a beast I will not mess with Bradley I would love to be on his good side not on his bad side Bradley Martin a beast 💪💪💯💯🤷

  • Bjj I see

  • Mans was gonna cry 😂

  • damn he sleep

  • Brian Shaw wrestled him like his a kid

  • Who is this bryce hall guy

  • bryce was holding back tearssss

  • U could literally see the fear in Bryce’s eyes when he saw how huge Brad actually was😭

  • Tik Tok Boy

  • Bro I just started wrestling as apart of my mma career I could drop him to but I would have held my choke longer so I could have made him sleep

    • @Disayah Prentice I mean I have one dum video of me wrestling with this dude but if you want I will post it

    • @Disayah Prentice when I join a gym I will I’ve been training with my dad but ima get into a gym after the summer time

    • You got a youtube channel, I'll watch you?

  • Hah what a way to start the day….feels refreshing

  • bruh they’re not even wrestling ur supposed to lay the dude on his back 💀

  • Here after he got dropped by Austin 🤚

  • He should fuck up mike next

  • 5:49 Lana be like “I saw you punk my boyfriend now we need to play wrestle”

  • Bryce leave the steroids and you too bradly

  • Claims he grew up wrestling ion think so buddy

  • Stfu mike Bradley would’ve done the same even if he didn’t drink the night before 😂

  • I didn’t know NELK was friends with this lame. Lost all respect for him.

  • Bryce why don’t you act tough with this dude like you did with that lil boy?

  • That Mike lad has a big mouth

  • Addison Rae watching this: 👁👄👁

  • I wonder what Lana meant by Bradley is finna get it now 😏

  • I thought he broke his bones when he fell

  • Perfectly legal move by brad

  • Why did rad wanna fuck him up so bad?

  • 40 yrs old and making scits with tiktok soft boys😂

  • Straight content

  • i’m 15 taller than bryce and i would be the shit out of him

  • Well all know the type of Fight Alana wanted to do with Brad

  • Byrce deserved that lol also if that guy in the red shirt is a bully to youtubers he should go against Jeff seid in wrestling lol he’s about that shii

  • He finally got put in his place

  • this is how brad force someonee to buy his drug

  • Lmaooo

  • Favorit video 😂

  • I don’t see the appeal of trying to test Bradley at all lmfao dude does not play when it comes down to it

  • Bryce need to watch this

  • Bradley is the only non fake person in this group

  • 4:20 perro noooo 0.0

  • Dom/mike in the background like “brads small, I’ll kill him” 😂

  • You can tell brad is getting sick of them fucking with him he finna snap one day 🤣

  • Bryce Hall is a clown

  • steve vs Bradley Martyn

  • Why tf is brad fighting people that are hella smaller than him, like bruh u not cool 💀💀

  • Hes out of air 🤣♥️

  • Bryce tried to cry lmao

  • Me searching for Taylor (only legend can understand this comment)

  • He was gonna cry😂

  • where was the fight tho

  • Lmao anyone can kick Bryce halls ass

  • brad the drug dealer who keeps beating people up ahahah

  • That’s as bad as me fighting a 8 yr old, I wouldn’t even do that on camera lol

  • Where do I get the arm blaster from brad, new to your channel, you and Steve are funny guys dude, love it

  • I hate that Bryce kid. Clout chaser.

  • “Their are people in this world who can kick other people ass” for some reason I feel like this won’t be the last time he learns that lesson lmao

  • Bryce pooed himself

  • I edited comment so you don't know how i got so much likes

  • Was hoping Bradley would’ve knocked him and Logan Paul’s girlfriend that was videoing out.

  • lol 😂 is that the new year I can see the season in season one ☝️ I love ❤️ I got the season season to get to see the season and season for the unew I love you and the new one and the new iyear is a

  • Why is Lana Rhodes just kickin it like wtf

  • Hairline exposed...1:57

  • Bro he could have done something but he just went for a staring shot.

  • literally took ten seconds to drop his ass back down where he belong

  • Don't get me wrong I love tugging it to Lana but damn she looks like she has something

  • Damn brad that was a bit aggressive, didn't look like a friendly match to me kids like 120 lbs lighter

  • Why did you get so mad mr bradley

  • 0:32 that stare right there is when you know you fucked up with brad 🤣

  • Bryce had real fear in his eyes he was about to cry😂😂😂😂

  • Rule number 1-Dont disrespect brad in his gym.

  • 😂😂 Bryce was gonna cry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ lil crybaby

  • Nice

  • Who els thinks brad wanted to do more the wrestle 😂

  • Love bradly for this