Mr Steve came to visit my gym with his new friend...

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  • The amount of patience Brad has is insane

    • @Houston Bodie yup, I have been using InstaFlixxer for months myself :)

    • @Houston Bodie Yup, have been using instaflixxer for months myself :D

    • Dunno if anyone cares but if you are stoned like me atm you can watch all of the latest series on instaflixxer. Been streaming with my girlfriend lately xD

    • Brad is the big brother Steve deserves

    • Brad reminds me of me in that aspect honestly. He’s actually a pretty big softy someone who’s really hard to make mad

  • steve for president 2024

  • JejuDodge on Uniswap 1000x 🪙💰

  • madness

  • Bro really dissed gib

  • “Gib is a turd” that aged well😂😂

  • Brads out! lets smoke

  • Shit had me rollin😄😂💀

  • I would pay top dollar to see t fight Brad

  • he brought a florida woman lmao

  • That chick is absolutely nuckin futs. Appreciate the energy but don't be thrownin down the gauntlet 24/7

  • Bro I would have lost my mind with that crackhead

  • The definition of obnoxious

  • she did not just run up on chuck liddel

  • Steve def tapped that to😭

  • Ion think she know she just faced the grim reaper Liddell

  • Brad is officially part of the 97%

  • Gota give it to her she’s fiercely loyal and protective 🙌🏻

  • steve is a certified foo hahaha

  • What’s the name of the store they got kicked out from?

  • This video was such high energy I wish I was there lmaooooo

  • This video showed that brad is legit a good dude

  • After watching their behavior, you thought it was a good idea to take a swig of what they were drinking on?? 😂

  • All I got to say is a certain type of chick does this in front of certain guys to “show out in front of them for approval”

  • The guy in store (that was protecting his career) couldn’t even tap with the tip of his finger the camera guy. But, a black, out of control woman, can strike bradly in the face and everything is fine, there was no beef.

    • why is the race included ? I admit she was doing too much, but her being black had nothing to do with anything .

  • Brad, just move to Texas……

  • What the fuck did I just watch I’m drunk but damn what the fuck

  • I love Bradley, he is calm 24/7 that's amazing. But what Steve and his friend did was super disrespectful and he handled it like a champ. I would have lost my temper way too fast, props to him 👏

  • id be pulling a Chris brown

  • Lmaooooooo

  • cali is a woke joke.... e not even funny one...

  • Bro this girl so toxic you could tell everyone is annoyed by her

  • That's why I love in ohio

  • Thats the most fucked up day for you man 🤣 somemore thats your customer working out in your gym 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bro how tf you let this girl goto your house? The gym would have been enough 😂

  • Brad probably sold them drugs thats why they are acting so crazy!!!

  • Bruh this is why nobody fucks with BLM lmao 🤣 these people don’t know how to act in public wow

  • Yeah I feel like nobody would care if she was never back in these videos lol.... chick was so annoying

  • Wow that's gangsta you got banned! Badass

  • They’re so scared of a virus that they make you wear a mask yet they’ll get close enough to assault you. Liberal logic.

    • @zifpy you literally have a mask on your picture 🙄

    • @mike.yy.y MENDOZA bro just stfu

    • Knowing you're supposed to were a mask- you dont wear it and get kicked out ...then being a baby when they don't want your business anymore ...Conservative logic

  • That lady off a perc n sum Moe

  • Bruh she did not know who she was fucking with lol iceman bouta put her on ice

  • so funny hahaha

  • 😂🤣 is that Steve’s black gf

  • 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Damn California sucks bunch of liberals sheep minded people.

  • I know they both have lots of patience but shout out to Chuck and Bradley. I don't know if I would have been able to keep my composure like they did.

  • Why does the dude in the rawgear commercial look like off brand Austin Mcbroom

  • Who is this woman

  • Monk level of patience man

  • steve and that chick are terrible role models damn, out here assaulting people Bradley you need to take this to the police. I know you are a good man Bradley. Steve is a menace.

  • “Hold on hold on “.... bruh 💀💀💀

  • I just felt brads frustration through my soul in this vid

  • Doms little brother getting jumped and bullied

  • 6:43 , 8:20 , 8:37 summarizes the video

  • Chuck was not playing😅😅

  • Steve looking Jacked! But if he dont quit smoking and shit, he'll be dead!

  • Brad you’re in great shape but I fear for your heart with all of this stress lol.

  • Man all these beta cuck mask wearers, Bradley should have body slammed that guy hahaha. California has idiots running that state.

  • subbed

  • those store employees wackk

  • Steve is a young real life Dom Mazetti

  • We not gonna talk about chuck lidell almost havin to lay a bitch out 😂😂

  • Get this chick outta here bro

  • Everything was funny besides the chuck part lol you can’t disrespect a legend like that man c’mon

  • Them shoulders

  • This video is so chaotic

  • wtf is this

  • She awsome!!!! Lmaoooo

  • Whos shoes are in the background

  • that lady is super annoying I hope she doesn't join nelk. she didn't make me laugh once

  • Cheapest guy on the world, I hate he is gonna make $0.001 from my comment. Don’t support him I love Steve😅

  • steve and brad need a tv show no cap

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! She out of FUCKING LINE lol yo im done

  • Liberal state

  • This video was bonkers so much happening 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Loved it Brad

  • Bro this was content!!! Hilarious should’ve let chuck hit her with the 3-4 McGreggor

  • Honestly Steve makes this vlogs way better

  • While I have way too much patience myself (but still find myself getting in trouble, thanks to police quotas and corruption, plus people judge your aggression on your appearance so many are just afraid if you're big, have a deep voice, tougher aura/vibe, etc.), if a lady is this annoying I'd certainly tell her to grow the fuck up! You don't just grab random necks, let alone thinking you deserve to get away with it. She's generally a nice person it seems but often she's way too annoying for no reason.

  • We all know if brad wasn't supplying Steve with black tar, crack, and reefer he would of swung. But he would lose 30% of his drug sales. Smart business man

  • come back w steve and buy everything lol

  • That chaotic energy, props to Brad for keeping his cool lol

  • This reminds me of Friday when they tryna hook Craig up with day day baby mom sister lmaooooooo

  • Chuck looked pissed

  • Patience of a saint 🙏🏼

  • When tf did Steve get so skinny


  • Letting her disrespect chuck man smh

  • Don't do drugs kids 😆🤣

  • Brad dont have to be mad if people are high on is drugs

  • bro she violated chuck

  • LOL chuck wanted to beat her brakes man 😂😂

  • This lady savage 🤣🤣🤣

  • I wonder what happened when the cameras were off

  • That girl is content right there you should do more of this fighting you and her over Steve that shit gets everyone talking and we're here for the views😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • It's so cool that bradley martyn respect women even though some women are crazy like this black girl and he still friends with Steve even though he is the jake paul of bradley martyn's life

  • I feel like when she went for the other massive man he gen would’ve killed her

  • The fact brad was so calm I knew for a fact he is too nice to body slame her.congrats brad we know you were very uncomfortable with her

  • Mask nazis are crazy and irrational. 😒

  • Anyone gonna talk about the thumbnail 😂💀