Mo takes Brad out to eat for some traditional Middle East food and gets a big surprise.

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  • I cam to this channel because I love this guy facial expressions

  • I started watching movies when he had 130k

  • He eats crack rocks....

  • I had this moment too where my friend told me I HAD TO eat with my hands. I was like noooooo what?! I have to eat with my hands. He said no you don't have to but that's the way we eat with our hands. So if you wanna fit it and be like us you can. I said alright fk it I'll eat with my hands and I did and it was fine, it was a new experience really not much to it. Nothing to over dramatize.

  • Brad touched me when i was 7 years old. Thank you for ruining my life brad

  • The goat eats a goat 🐐💪🏼

  • how does brad travel with the roids?

  • Must be stashing that drug money offshore in Dubai

  • This video was actually garbage nothing happened

  • Yo brad that weed was good bro

  • H

  • where is nelk boys man ur vids are boringg

  • can't believe that mo guy is still doing this. used to watch him occasionally way back in the day. never really liked him

  • Brad where do you want me to drop off the 20k I owe you for the half key of cocaine you fronted me. Your trap phone is off

  • I remember that guy I used to watch when he had like 600k

  • Bro MoVlogs was the first UZfirer I’ve ever watched consistently I was infatuated with his channel and his life and the way he and his family lived it was amazing this video was super Dope

  • Pussy didn’t even eat the giant took one bite smh

  • Only rocks brad eats are crack rocks when he gets pulled over

  • Chugging the hot sauce was the power move to avoid eating any more goat lol.

  • Brad can I have an update on the delivery of my coke and herion??

  • He chugged the hot sauce so he wouldn’t eat the goat 😂😂

  • Back to the roots Bradley! חי

  • That weed you gave me had me on the cloud 9

  • This seemed awkward

  • Brad is the type of person to eat at a restaurant and take a bite for the video and leave

  • All thanks to Lana for his success, 4 years of daily boobs 😂😂

  • Wasted the goat smh

  • Every time I see raw gear I think of raw garden

  • Bradley, i spend thousands of dollars weekly on your drugs and you upload a 6-minute video cmon now.

  • Yo i can’t wait to see the surprise at one million to Steve

  • bro just wasted al that food for one bite

  • I fucking love these comments god bless you Steve will do it don’t let him pressure you into injecting black tar heroin

  • Hey brad, I couldn't find the shrooms that you said you left near the fake weights HMU ASAP

  • You eat crack rocks

  • The burn out from heroin

  • Brad's doing pretty sick shit

  • Brad does not sell drugs yo shits dried outtt😂

  • The fuk is this

  • 💪

  • I love these comments 😂😂😂

  • I feel like a kid lol.

  • Brad can I get some drugs?

  • Mo vlog is cool with cars

  • Mo vlogs I’m a big fan of no

  • Thanks

  • How am I supposed to get my heroin when you’re in Dubai 😓

  • Lol

  • Just wanted to say I’ve been a subscriber and fan since your first video all the way to now I’ve watched every single video

  • Hi

  • Do the daily vlogs like u do drugs brad 👊🏻🇬🇧

  • Legend has it,,, he was on the toilet for the rest of the day


  • Mo talks more sense in this video, unlike the videos on his main channel where he sounds like a complete dumba**

  • been watching mo since i was in 7th grade... i’m in 12th now

  • What’s crazy he just delivered 20 kilos of cocaine to me last week.🤷🏽‍♂️ thx brad...

  • Lmao brad you da man expanding the empire big ups my guy. Btw when can I reup? U been busy I see but cmon my money is just as good dawg

  • Thx for the drugs brad it helps in school


  • Hey brad thanks for the coke package I received my order today

  • They used the coke as flour

  • Thanks for the drugs brad!!

  • He went for some hesh

  • You're supposed to wash your hands for 20 not 10 👀👀🤣

  • 0.45 shut up yu fool . Its all bcuz of yur sister .

  • I héard brád can rall 500 lines just saying

  • Theory 🤔:He went to Dubai to make drug transactions and spans out his drug business. PS* Bradley sold me steroids to get big cause he said I was scrawny

  • Great, now you're sellin heroin in Dubai. Damn it Bradley. 😤🤦‍♂️

  • Brads tryna escape the warrants so he went to Dubai

  • Right place right time and his sister got cake too

  • Those drug's you hooked me up with are trash

  • thank you for the narcotics Bradley!

  • The drug jokes aren't beat to death yet or anything, keep it going guys

  • Brad this krokodil you hooked me up with is dope but my arm fell off what do I do

  • I see your expanding your drug empire to dubai.. nice business move bradly martin .

  • Brad those packs never came in..

  • Wow shitt Brad collabing with more than SteveWillDoit

  • i subbed before 1 mill, keep going brad you're gonna get there bro!

  • Brad this skywalker og is fucking crazy bro

  • chutiya samja mere ko

  • Bradley hooked mo with the drugs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brad your drugs helped me through tough times man thanks


  • Dang the drug business must be going good Bradley if your in Dubai

  • First ive seen mo where he doesn't act braindead. Like this side

  • Hey Brad what drugs do you sell again?

  • That was so clear that cup was changed but nice try lol

  • Thanks for the coke Brad!


  • What’s this guys youtube

  • Damn Bradley why you hanging out with this Wasteman for ? 🤨 man pimps his sis our clout chaser

  • Collaboration with a cringe ass UZfirer


  • Brad where is my black tar. Get at me buddy

  • Heard king von owed brad money.

  • You are what you eat

  • I was at the beach this summer and there was a group of Mexicans heating up a huge thing of what looked like pulled pork but it was goat and they were putting the tortilla's on the grill to warm and crisp a little bit they hooked it up and then gave us more when they were done guacamole salsa and everything. I fell in love with goat lol I had like 8 tacos!! So fucking good!!!

  • come on just eat with your hands aint nothing hard about it, i like u but cmon :P

  • Bro that last batch Brad had was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💨💨

  • Ayy that was illy bro n deff looked like sum great eats 👌🏼

  • You can tell Brads been hanging out Steve, this guy is just straight sending the whole sauce 😂