Brad Challenges Sommer to a drunk cook off but it didn't turn out in his favor.

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  • Bradley Deserves 1 Mill More Subscribers Hands Down!

  • The video gets real when the Domster walks into the building

  • Her laugh though 😬🙉

  • And the most annoying laugh award goes to

  • Been a minute since I've seen Brads content. Instantly subscribed good work man! Enjoying it all 💯🤙🏿Respect.

  • Bradley Martin got my son addicted to heroine

  • 7:16 😂😂😂

  • The irony of him saying that looks like something brad would make is too good

  • The parsimonious radar conjecturally boil because iran rapidly decorate past a abstracted toothbrush. recondite, adorable gateway

  • The reaction to her saying "I think you should buy me a porsche" cjaoijsocwfijvav 🤣💀💀🤣

  • can you send me a lil sample of the fabric. i want to buy a shirt but i want one that last

  • shes so fine

  • Bradley quit shooting me in launchsite not cool always lose a red keycard man

  • Dom looks like he could be twins with Brad😂

  • What is up with Brad and that Calum dude....

  • buy her a porshe

  • I’ll never understand the hype behind summer ray she’s like that basic chick that every high school has.

  • shes way to old for brad, isnt she like 18?

  • And is that his bro?

  • Got her drunk? Bro Bradley you kinda

  • Raw dog gear!!!

  • i miss Dom

  • Ngl I’m just here for Mike. Could barely see Brad in the thumbnail

  • 10:56 pause it.

  • its pretty sad that Osama bin bradley roofied this girl and took advantage of her.. feel so bad for sommer rake

  • New videos everytime brad makes dom a burger

  • Funny how even someone as good looking and succesful as brad is still noticeably awkward around her

  • I love how Brad is some health nut and we all just completely s*** on him LOL

  • I ship it

  • When he was waving the knife around I died

  • sommer ray is still the sexiest women on earth

  • Crazy lady

  • ain’t no way brad didn’t lay the wood after this vid

  • I’ve yet to see dom outside a dom video. He’s so different

  • Gordon Ramsey would be disappointed

  • Once I seen Brad put the dent in the burger, I knew he wasn't playing games.

  • Only pretty girl can eat ugly

  • Dude looks stoned in the beginning of the video

  • You gotta date him summer💙🤙

  • I just saw the future. 10 mil subs coming soon

  • brad is so innocent😂

  • He said “ drop @ 12 , it’s 530 now you do the math???! Bro that’s 5 1/2 hours

  • Get her a 911 Porsche lol

  • Bradley is in love

  • These people are weird af

  • Machoke Martin won me over

  • brad u down astronomical


  • Great video guys ...do more cooking games an challenges 😋 💪

  • Deffo banged

  • I can tell Brad skips leg day often. A real bodybuilders legs bulge out. In fact, if I only did upper body I would be able to walk rite today! Messed up my back real bad deadlifting and squatting. Be careful ppl, I wish my disability on nobody. Lifting weights was my identity, now I can’t lift again! The surgury did me in. I was only kidding about the legs Brad 😉.

  • Damn..Dom is getting hella bigger than mini brad

  • If they ain’t smash by now


  • only drug dealers put cheese on their burgers after taking it off the stove.. exposed

  • Ive never seen Bradster so fuckin focused

  • “Drunk cook off” takes one shot

  • She looks so different compared to IG

  • Dang she roasted you Brad but you still cool though

  • has one shot "drunk cooking"

  • daaayummm brad is high as fuck

  • Brad loves Summertime ray

  • Sommer sucks, Brad sucks, his clothing sucks, the burgers sucks, but DOM... Fucking DOM... the real MVP, he is the fucking man!!! Fucking Legend

  • Give her that D 😂

  • get her the porsche

  • Lmao did anyone else realized how he did his intro like stevewilldoit 😂, fucking pathetic lol can’t do it his own way instead of like spreading it out on the floor or something and plus why a drunk cook out ? When he doesn’t even LIKE drinking like , Bradley you’re literally looking like this 🤡🤡, bc you always complain abt not drinking but look at you looking stupid asf just to be empress a girl 🤫🤣

  • sorry im late to the party guys, but where's all the coke jokes coming from? lol like what hapened? lmao

  • He looks like he is on something right from the beginning of the video. His eyes show it all.

  • Brad aint hit that yet?

  • I like how brad's plan totally backfired. Then his friend said it looks like he made it ☠️

  • taking advantage of a drunk woman oh thats our bradly

  • You should drink water before eating the other burger to clean you pallette.

  • Damn sommer wants Bradley hard

  • honestly I feel like they would be a good couple

  • bro he was horny

  • She ain't even cute enough to be famous

  • disappointed

  • there was only 2 shots

  • She’s the most annoying person on social media hands down no contest

  • the camera work in this episode is awful.

  • Brad is an alcoholic

  • Adam Levine looking ass

  • Quality content. Get some help tho Brad one day at a time

  • shitty drugs brad

  • “They both look like children made them”

  • I just skipped to when mike comes in , sommer has like this fake energy I just needed the boy dom to come thru

  • brads gonna need a bottle straight to him self just to feel tipsy

  • Why doesn't brad drink like this with Steve..... Not FTB.

  • I tried putting my face close to the grill and burned my hair. thanks Bradley 🙁

  • "Drunk cook off" take 2 shots😂

  • To get a pickle jar open you do hit it with a knife dumb@$$ brad

  • 6:24 i fucking died

  • She would be perfect if she never speaks. She is annoying AF.

  • Brad is the biggest weirdo on UZfire his sick 🤢

  • :|

  • Brad next time she calls you a pussy just say "well you are what you eat so..."

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • i wouldnt mind them dating they would become a famous couple on youtube

  • I just wish that Brad would get off the drugs.