Brad Challenges members to ride a one wheel outride of zoo culture!!
If you guys have any other things that you want to see Brad try, leave it in the comments!!!

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  • G wagon, G Wagon, G Wagon

  • Try Golf Brad!! Let's GOOOO! Tee it up when you in Austin!

  • brad: guys follow her on the internet or some shit

  • 4:42 when I try and slide in her dm’s

  • He gave a free membership so he can see her more lol, shes fine as hell tho

  • The boy with black shorts isnt he arnolds son

  • "Get in the chopper" Lol this is cool, you sir are a real role model!

  • Did anyone think he wouldn't be able to ride it? The man who did squats on a hover board?!

  • Just to let u know it actually is called goofy footed or regular footed.

  • if i lived in la i would work out at brads gym purely for the women who go there

  • Play some ice hockey bro,

  • She deserved that free membership just to see that ass at the gym everyday.

  • how many members do steroids at your gym brad?

  • That 350z tho👀👀👀👀

  • Guys it’s confirmed Bradly Martin uses fake weights!

  • Nice.😆

  • Nice.😆

  • Nice.😆

  • Dude I ride my Onewheel everywhere I love it

  • 0:08 what was that "TODAY" :D his voice cracked he sounded a little squeaky :DD

  • A zoo membership is like costco to buy drugs

  • girl: did u just 🥜 inside me? me: 4:04

  • The end should’ve said “shot on iPhone”😭

  • I want you to try and not sell drugs to little kids next.

  • 4:03 He knows he lost no simp September that's why camera man zoomed in to his face

  • 3:38 🎂 wish I still had my girlfriend 😉❤️

  • bradleys mistake for not asking before recording

  • Bet you cant barefoot waterski

  • Simp

  • S I M P

  • Brad is a fucking doll to females really just using this simp

  • 4:41 mhmmmm

  • That was the hottest chick I’ve seen in years. Holy fuck me.

  • JESUS CHRIST marry her.

  • Sky dive 🤯

  • Well, at least Bradley is using HOT DRUG MULES from South America. 👍

  • 03:12 Ugh...worst kind of girls lol 😂

  • Brad never finishes his stories strong but hes so chill that it doesnt even matter.

  • Simpley Martyn

  • How’d he met Arnold Schwarzeneggers son

  • It was cool seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger Junior there.

  • Unicycle

  • put hot sauce and lemon juice in your eyes while getting kicked in the balls and see if your a natural at taking pain.

  • Lol

  • how is bradley friends with arnolds son

  • Brad why’d you simp!!!!

  • One year instead

  • Bunch of meat heads with no balance.

  • i wanna see u stop selling drugs to kids

  • I wanna see him try some of his own black-tar heroin next

  • i want to see you try ride a ripstick

  • Is every one of you videos a skit because I'm loving them 😂

  • idk try lifting with real weights bradley


  • damn off that black tar eh

  • Waaaaauuuw these girls really out here thinking there allll that.

  • Try ur own drugs

  • she ain't nothing but a gold digger

  • “Im a natural at everything” Almost eats shit right after 😂😅

  • osama bin bradley

  • I imagine Brads drug sales are way down. Covid & Nelk keep leaving him to go on road trips. Fella in my hometown flys around on one of those wheel devices.

  • wingsuit

  • Bradley got no common sense and anger issues lol

  • G wagon worth more than her lol

  • Smoke a pack of darts. FULL SEND

  • Try Salivnorin A its a workout supplement

  • UZfire in 2020: 5 min of content lots of swear words Hot chicks Crazy cars crazy toys Promoting their merch website

  • Wanna see you & your friends do parkour please it would be super cool bro. Also meet up with any professional parkour people you may know for safety.

  • brad sold those girls drugs instead of the membership

  • go surf

  • try a unicycle

  • You should go cycling with mike

  • Those things are mad fun. I have a Meepo V3 and often take it around the neighborhood for some quick laps to clear my head. My only advice though is since these things can MOVE is to wear a helmet! Trust me.... I’ve busted my ass so hard and very thankful I had my helmet.

  • Keep doin this sort of content bro it’s fucken funny mate

  • Damm all those girls bougie or do anything for something in return

  • 3:31 brad ima just stand here 🖐🏽🤚🏼 😭

  • Brads stare at 4:00 has me deceased 😭😭😭

  • I think brad is my dad...

  • Video of brad getting jump uzfire.info/camera/video/iqe1bGln1c2EhWY

  • Brads a natural at everything especially trafficking homeless women

  • Act like steve for a day

  • haha when he said whoa i literally said woah outlouad!! bitch was wauyyyyy outta pocket!! she was fine though.. but aint no bitch thattt fine!

  • Unicycle

  • Bro why haven’t you been in nelk vids

  • she badd

  • ride snowboards? lmaoo

  • Brad how much for a bag

  • Brad you’re not slick lol

  • Hell nahhh wtf

  • dam that lil things pretty quick. rode a regular board thing with 2 wheels easy as fuck but never one of these things

  • What’s the foreign girls Instagram tho ??? 😬😬

  • Jesus loves u all so much

  • Brad needs to be canceled he’s so racist and sexist and every type of ist

  • girls always lookin for something for themselves... lmao

  • Buffalo Blazing wings challenge

  • Try actual surfing!!!!!

  • Must b sick having all those girls around because Brad sells drugs

  • Yall talking bout how bradley a simp but yall know damn well yall would have given her one to.

  • Brad go skydiving