Day party with Steve Aioki and I arm wrestled 6ix9ine. the amount of banger content in this one is unmatchable. My Editor is a goat.

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  • Your content have evolved so much over time it's crazy

    • Ln p8

    • @Dr. Phil Good TV i fuck with him not everyone likes him he snitch for a reason friends are faker than anything in this world even ur enemies think abt my nigga what would u do if they did h dirty like that

    • @Dr. Phil Good TV You jealous brah? Anyone would snitch on people who don't give a fuk about you, he with good people now.

    • Rat

    • @Mister Sir how much does UZfire pay for a English teacher to correct grammar in comments for a living?

  • Make sure you hold the camera straight 😂

  • Wow bradley smokes weed didnt knew that

  • Nice

  • 00:14 “Miami, florida” *Shows Overview of Waikiki, Hawaii*

  • What’s that song at the end

  • 6ix9ine trying hide his identity with a mask but doesnt wear a shirt that shows all his 69 tattoos lmao not that good at hiding your identity

  • Let's see that psr 69 🤣

  • What the fuck is Steve taking about, like what are zaps? 3:03

  • Those mini meme clips put in after you say something are shit and cringe. Imo.

  • Miami Brad is for the people!

  • Cant beileve they called waikiki oahu miami..

  • Bradley’s body looking wierd

  • I love that Steve will always be Steve😂. No matter where he’s at in life

  • Carnage doin pump 😅🍺

  • What’s the song at the end?

  • I actually liked this video. First Bradley video I have liked in quite a while

  • 6xina6 el mejor en venezuela

  • rat it doesn't take muscles to write a confession.

  • Zaps?

  • wow bradley just lit up a joint

  • Since when does Bradley smoke

  • I like seeing him smoke then go work out this is going to motivate alot more people 👏

  • Love this guy's content but 69 is a b**** foreal

  • Cocaine is a good pre workout right?

  • Did u sale 69 any juice 🧃 cause he needs it bad he gots a 13 year old little boy body he needs the gains 💪🏻

  • How many GDs can you say in one video………Ridiculous. Jesus Christ is King 👑

  • Yo Brad can you tell us how you smoke and shit and maintain calories ?

  • Damn his teeth are so big he actually can’t close His mouth

  • Eww 69

  • Don't show him too much brad you know what he's like 🐀

  • Man I would loved to party with these animals

  • 7:33 remind me of the movie shrek 😂

  • Rn im happy I just miss the old 6ix9ine I can see rn he is working really hard to get back in to the shape he wants

  • By the way he hit that joint I really believe he just started smoking 🤨

  • best life

  • 6ixnine could’ve been doin this with out that snitch label If he wasn’t such a hard head

  • Hi sixnine 😍😍😍

  • 6 9 be skinny fat these days

  • Steve lookin a lil skimp nowadays Gym content with steve would be dope🍃

  • Low key 69 gotta have that masks everywhere he go, shit gotta suck yo.

  • 10 on 10 this video was great perfect outro music

  • I’m confused, if this dude is a dope and steroid dealer? Why would he be around 69? Or was that just a joke?

  • 69 looks like a failed Marvel experiment done on human beings.

  • Wish I was our near your way to hit your gym up.

  • 2:40 why is the fking cameraman on the table

  • you guys probably had so much fun but filmed/showed zero of it

  • Look at Steve not sweating because he doesn't take drugs but Brad

  • yo those chicks twerking... damn

  • The editing on this video is fire. Great work.

  • Just drink water

  • Your awesome I remember when I was a kid remember when they made them lil muscle men in the 80's y'all cool sorry.

  • 69 will always look like a Tithead with all those stupid 69 tattoos. Will she ever grow up into a real boy ? and one day look In the mirror and shake his head in disbelief .

  • Definitely a 69 clone, dude don’t even look the same facial structure wise.. or Mannerisms..

  • How come they not drinking happy dad

  • Why is Bradley smoking weed

  • Next week later everyone get covid XD

  • 69 built like a bag of jail milk........👍🤣👍

  • Brad high asf in the end 🤣

  • The worst armwrestling I have ever seen

  • Don't tellem about your drug business

  • Yooooo see this I have been trying to buy merch but I'm in Guatemala

  • I knew Brad was in a gang

  • Bradley straight Sylvester Staloned Steves ass with that over the top bullshit attempt!

  • All hating on 6ix9ne but i love this nigga (no homo vatos)

  • Is the camera man drunk? Fuck it's making me dizzy

  • lit with 69 1 millon plus everything with 69 in ur video

  • Can we talk about why this dude 69 is wearing a ski mask the whole time

  • 69 built like a sleeping bag

  • 6ix9ine looks like he got hydro-dipped

  • 69 vs pewdiepie

  • 69 would easly get his ass whooped in a real street fight which he has NEVER been in and that is a fact

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  • That guy at 7:37 wanted some Bradley

  • 🐀 🤨

  • He looks like jeepers creepers with that mask on lmaoo

  • Bro what am I watching 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bradley took all the edibles waiting on the flight

  • steve and brad ripping each other’s shirts 😂😂


  • brad i never knew you get high

  • Love this videoooool😂😂😂😂

  • What a life man.

  • Ey bradly has rats in hes house

  • 2:50 brad does drugs😂😂😂😂

  • my man carnage tho

  • Bro Brad and Steve have such an amazing friendship 😂.

  • 69 weights 2chubby

  • There are no mountains in Miami…

  • I would never work out with a rat

  • 6xnine is the second tony kakkar of the world but he's (6xnine) still better then him atleast 😂 If you're indian life thokooooo 🔥

  • Fuck Snitch9 Dafaq BM…… I’m out

  • I use to not like you brad but seeing how you are now it’s awesome man maybe because ur content seemed really practiced and stuff and now it’s like authentic

  • You lift fake weights

  • Didn’t even know brad had this channel this is such a vibe on g nem

  • 7.49 happy dad t shirt got some quality

  • lol can see the coke in Bradley's nose

  • The guy at 7:44 ahaha

  • For someone who knows armwrestling well I cringe watching people who dont kno how. Just dangerous

  • Lucky bastards! I wanna party and mix with steve!!