The vid that you guys wanted to see.

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  • I can see the pain in your eyes and hear the hurt in your voice. You are a true friend.

  • Best outro xD

  • Yo steve will do it! Hmu and help me through this hard time im having. My sons got a rare disability it would mean the world if you and the boys hit up a huge fan. Make a dream come true!

  • Save Brad

  • Bradley is building a tunnel to get el chapo out of prison

  • was Bradley Grabbing Steved Girlfriends Ass a lie or not. because that was never adressed.

  • I saw this guy yesterday at the gym mixing steroids with heroin and asking if I want some

  • Rawgear = trash Bradley Martyn sold me drugs = pure gold

  • purchase rawgear merch and get a free gram of gear raw on the DL

  • The rawgear hoodie brad was wearing, goes hard asf 🔥

  • Steve got Brad so many subscribers by just ruining his name 💀

  • Thanks Brad for being really nice to my mom. Every night you come over I can hear her laughing in her room. What a good role model

  • I'm not a paedophile dude Lmao

  • Get him some Hydes

  • “When are you gonna stop smoking ?” “I guess when I get lung cancer “

  • Steave will do it brung me to this channel and i love it! Keep up the hard work! Just know your living a beautiful life

  • I subbed to just to see Steve quit cigs, I quit 3 years ago and been the best thing for my health for sure 🤛🏽


  • Why u alwaymake 30 seconds videos

  • Brad I need some meth. I heard you might be able to help me out

  • “Fuck it ring me up” lmfao

  • Hello Bradley I am a huge fan of yours... here from New Zealand 🇳🇿 and I justed wanna say is counting your grind and hard work in the gym.... have a good day brad

  • Blink twice if brad is holding you hostage

  • Your awesome but this video was lame lol

  • Smokers smoke when they drink and he’s an alcoholic so he sounds fucked to me man

  • Bro he can’t stop smoking cus he drinks...

  • Brads the fucking man!😂😂always making me laugh love when Brad and Steve are kicking it

  • Sounds like my 24v diesel Cummins. Love the sound of turbos

  • I need some RAW GEAR because I like to raw dog 😎

  • Are these guys for real holy shit lol

  • If you wanna save Steve stop selling him drugs brad 😂

  • Dude the tops are like 36 dollars way Brad ..I get get test enth for that ...😂 I work out hard so I spend 5 on a top and still get laid bra

  • Jake Paul wants a boxing match, Stevewilldoit

  • Idc if it’s fake or not this shit funny asf 😂 ily Steve bro

  • Please Bradley make more content with Stevewilldoit! Your probably the only true friend that cares about Steve and his health. im a big fan when you both guys make videos together! Nelk boys could care less about Steve

  • Fucking drug dealers!! Ohh I’m super healthy (shoots drugs, shoots drugs) I own a gym (shoots drugs, shoots drugs)

  • Why Is Steve drinking randomly ?

  • I can’t ever tell if Steve is messing around or being fr 😭

  • There's proof Brad was on Epstein's Island about five times Brad the drug dealer where's my drugs Brad

  • Get him into jujitsu brad

  • You know will do it from Florida when he said he smoked 17 3rds

  • Joker Steve will do it

  • Anybody peep how Brad basically said he doesn’t care his filmer borrows a car😑

  • That chap ste is murdering himself

  • I used to subscribe to Brad for the gym videos. Now I subscribe to him for the drinking and smoking videos

  • Boom! Gang signs 👍🏽👌🏽🤘🏽💪🏽👏🏾👊🏽✍🏾🙏🏽

  • George Burns smoked every day all day until he was in his late 90 n died natural causes!

  • Brad launders money through a series of car lots and gyms after selling black tar on the dark web to under age foreigners. But thats just speculation 🤣🤣

  • Your a boss brad ! Started watching you and the boys a few weeks ago iv 🤘you guys rock!!!! Ps need a member ship at the ZOO!!!!😄

  • Sneak peak at Bradleys new vibrators 4:19

  • Mr.fucking Ernie 😂

  • , bradley,.. you deserve that. humble guy

  • Save steve

  • Bradley Martyn sells drugs.

  • Brad your actually fucking hilarious bro I love your energy

  • Buy Steve a vape

  • Brad u horrible boss quit hoarding ur money for drugs n buy ur camera man/editor a whip

  • How many times can Brad say mother fucker

  • What a waste of time ...

  • I'm a heroin addict Thanks to Bradley

  • Boooooo brad sux. @stevewilldoit is the KING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This was the fakest beef I’ve ever seen

  • Brad, I'm a sped teacher. I would fly out to be a guest at your house! Hit me up. Help out a fun teacher this summer video series!

  • Rawdog is a copy write of jidion

  • If Steve quits I'll quit. I swear on everything I love I will. I smoke a pack a day sometimes more.

  • Get Steve off the drugs. God almighty he was smoking, drinking, and shooting up, all in one video.

  • I figured it out! Brad is an easy target because he is completely unaware of when he's being trolled.

  • He seriously needs to chill on the drinking he’s gonna have serious problems or become an alcoholic struggling with addiction it’s sad man

  • You can’t drink and not smoke. It just doesn’t work that way. He’s going to have to quit both at once.

  • +1 (323) 370-4474 nice phone number

  • He really is a good friend man🙏🏽 u need friends like that

  • I see my boy Alex in the intro.

  • Happy 1 mil Brad

  • Damn I didnt know my drug dealer had a youtube channel

  • 🌽

  • Brads running through his 200 Marlboro Cartons right now

  • Cigarettes go hand in hand with a buzz =/... sucks...

  • Brad congrats on the darts buddy

  • How are all those darts treating you brad

  • Congrats on the cigs man, that was 20k worth of darts so Steve’s all paid up on that 15k he owed you and actually you now owe him 5k

  • #SaveSteve

  • Congrats on the cigarettes

  • Congratulations Uncle Brad On All Those Darts 🎯 🚬🚬🚬

  • congrats on the marbolos smoke up bud!!!

  • The fact is, Brad is going to jail. So the law confronted him... 😁

  • Congrats on the darts bro lmfaooo

  • Brad stop selling drugs to kids, and get rid of your island!!! #BRAD-EPSTIEN🏝

  • Lucky man

  • congrats buddy

  • Congrats man! 🚬🚬

  • Congrats on the cigs

  • Brad's on the narcos documentary on Netflix

  • Congrats buddy!

  • Congrats on the cigs brad

  • congrats on the darts bradley!

  • Congratulations on all the cigarettes 🚬

  • Congrats on your surprise brad you deserve it

  • Congrats on the 20 grand in cigarettes bud!!! Should keep you smoking for at least a year!!

  • Congratulations on the ciggies

  • bruuu 996k subs