Brad takes on the strongest cat in the world, and is convinced that it cheated.

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  • I wanna see Brian Shaw try that shit

  • Bradley is a kid a hurt and its soo dope that he took his mom!

  • Bradley, do you know cats can catch covid? Not wearing the mask around people is one thing (idc) but the cats can't help being there. Put it on next time until they develop a vaccine for the cats.

  • Bradley, this is my favorite content

  • I hate seeing animals caged up but this Zoo is quite impressive. So many species

  • U can tell his mom is thankful she’ said thank u a lot in this video blessing to Bradley and momma brad that’s official he took mom dukes with him to experience this

  • Mad video cheers brah

  • Wow!!!! Animals rule!!!😆😆

  • That cat is torque monster.

  • Need Pestacides at zoo the vasialine feets

  • 9:40 “He would rip u apart”🤣

  • 6:30 King Julien?

  • I love lions and tigers I love watching them in there natural habitats the lion documentary’s are great on animal planet I love when they follow packs

  • Na mate the strongest cat in the world is a tiger

  • Who TF can take all this childlike wonder in a 41 year old man? Wtf is wrong with him? Dude how much you don't hog all the scenes give one to your mom once in awhile. You know grow up

  • this really puts into perspective how strong these animals are.... like im weak compared to brad and brad is weak compared to the lion or whatever it was. crazy

    • I wonder how strong they truly are. Like if we could turn them into people for an hour have them bench press, squat, deadlift, shoulders etc what they could actually,, I’d want that as an example because my small brain can only understand it that way lol like how easily did he really move Bradley and how many Bradley’s could he move you know... Gorillas, Grizzlies, Tigers I wanna rest them all!

  • Bradleys ears when there not tucked into his hat

  • Brad selling animals

  • Prob my favorite video

  • Get into Armwrestling like Juji and Larry Wheels you’ll get a whole heap more subs and you may really like the sport and supporting culture they all have it’s gonna blow up too with Devon Larrat getting Armbet going

  • Bro it’s always the saudi fellas that got literally everything

  • Crazy enough that isn’t the strongest cat in the world.

  • you and brian shaw vs that lion would be fun to watch

  • J

  • OMG THIS IS SOOO DOPE!!! Amazing experience bro

  • Brad talking to the camera man: He would rip you apart Me: Ya Brad, he would rip you apart too

  • The lion be like go back to the gym you not ready

  • 400 what ? Kilos 🤨

  • There’s only two ligers in the world

  • Why are you soo lucky , I’m THE animal lover

  • how could you dislike this vid

  • the Cat vs SHAW

  • Brad the criminal back at it again

  • The fact you brought your mom bro just speaks volumes. Mad respect ✊

  • Bradley mom has some big milkers

  • 6:30 mort coming for those feet 🐾

  • You lift bro? Lol really Bradley, You really went for it 😂

  • 9:04 i had my money on bradd

  • Of course if u got food animals will be such sweethearts

  • 6:37 my aunt owned 2 of those they were assholess

  • Sick content bro

  • I don't fuck with keeping animals captive. Zoo's are trash imo. But this one feels kinda alright. Animals seem to be peaceful and at ease. Still don't like it, but it's better than a lot of places👍

  • Wow

  • People take their gfs brad takes his mom 😂

  • 1:52 no one gonna talk about this guy coming in out of nowhere and recording

  • 9:00 I feel like if Bradley had a liger, he definitely would include this in his workout

  • If he said that cat weighs 400 kilos if I do my math right that's a little bit over 800 lb liger is the biggest cat in the world but I didn't know that they could grow to be that big damn

    • That liger is closer to being 400 lbs than kg, a 400 kg liger would dwarf that other one.

  • Do you think anyone can actually beat the lion/tiger in the tug of war? Unbelievable power!

  • I would to wach stuff more like this

  • 7.36 bradley like ohh yea touch it and leans in lmao

  • anyone know where this place is located at.

  • Nigga brad asked dubai foo if he lifted weights and this manz said i had a new problem 😂

  • Stop sizing the cat Brad, HES STRONGER THEN YOU 😂

  • Yo bro where’s my stash you didn’t leave it under the park bench this week

  • Where is this I want to go!

  • need a bigger dude like one of thoze world ztrongezt men to rope pull, would like to watch that hehe...

  • Yo Bradley got gassed!!

  • Man, so awesome! I wish I will be able to do something as nice for my parents one day =)

  • I’m so happy Bradley held a bearded dragon at 6:49

  • Notice how it’s not a tiger lmao 😂 tiger fans are hurt 😢

  • Brad you're a real one brother. Bringing mom along, what a boss.

  • 7:30 the bear sexually assaulted bradley

  • I already know this is the first time any of you have seen someone play tug- a-war with a tiger!!

  • That’s nice

  • Skip the controversy on zoos, this is my #1 BM vid, all time.

  • your mom is loving it! Good shit man! That thank you when you guys were feeding the lion got me bro 🙏🏻

  • Is Bradley that delusional to think he can beat a bear?

  • There was a study on chimpanzees strength that debunked the 6x the strength of humans and they discovered they were only about 30% stronger than the average human but I'm not sure how extensive these tests actually were

    • The newest study done in 2017 concluded a chimpanzee can exert 1.5x the amount of force as the males tested.

  • Is that brads mom?

  • Soo.. 905 is a zoo keeper now ?

  • 8:34 pulled a 120 kg' bodybuilder without a problem. Ligers tend to weigh around 300 kg', so I guess him and his mother (since muscles weigh more than fat) are both around 220 kg' together and the Liger still pulled them like they were nothing.

  • This is a Liger.

  • Maybe 400lbs not kg lmao

  • Lions are not that heavy btw

  • 7:30 just two bros chilling like a couple bears

  • Where is this Zoo?

  • This is the cutest video to ever exist😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • You do so much drugs you forgot that a tiger is the strongest cat

  • If you ever do a Rematch with me.tiger train pulin cars or truck or a trailer

  • I wanna see brad play waterpolo

  • moving on to beasteality now Bradley 😓😣 u have ruined poor animals lives. lol, na jokes 🤪😂

  • U don’t realise they beat the animals to do that stuff

    • No they don't, this ain't a circus, they use a simple reward system, the reward being a slab of meat.

  • That’s Bradley’s plugs backyard 😂😂

  • I gotta go visit this zoo oneday 💪🏾💯

  • The places where the animals stay seem extremely small for those animals... kinda sad

  • Why is Bradley drugging all of these poor animals

  • I'd have laughed if the cat let go 😂😂

  • I live in Michigan & Bro was used 10 years ago Have you ever heard? Don’t Bro me if you don’t know me!! Homie!!!

  • Bro!

  • Those people are just killing the wild life, they just snatch the cubs from their mother 😥😥and make profit. Black markets get their consumers😡 and we f*king people like these.🤬🤬

  • People can't comprehend animals strength until they feel there power. Bradley is big human & this lion made him look like a fucking toy 😂 I think it was a liger though, which means it's way stronger cause it has that tiger strength

  • Bro the way your mom looked at you and said thank you... wow🥺🥺🥺 I’m not crying you are🥺

  • 7:30 bear stands up... Brad's still bigger than the bear

    • The bears 3 foot and adolescent, that ain't a flex lol

  • You can only beat tiger if you are muscular like Brock Lesnar + if you have steel clothes

  • Incredible muscles Bradley...🏋️

  • Your mom said the strength of the car is beyond human 😂😂

  • Martyn has dead lifted 6 plates and benched over 400 pounds and couldn't budge that lion who was clearly not trying lol you gotta be impressed with nature and how strong those cats are...also I dont believe in animals being kept captive they should be free...unless the animal was rescued at one point

  • Sm

  • That's Rashid Belhasas dad. That's the Belhasas empire

  • Moving on up on the drug connects I see 🧐